Wednesday 25 December 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | McDonalds Festive Menu 2019

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Welcome to a brand new Jamie Noms Through Christmas post. Sadly, this is the last one. I thought that, today, I would talk to you all about McDonalds Festive Menu 2019. I'm sure that you've seen the amazing Reindeer Ready adverts.

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Chicken Deluxe 

'Two tender Chicken Selects layered with creamy Emmental cheese. Topped with a zesty tomato relish and cool mayo.' - McDonalds Website

Sadly. there were good things and bad things about this product. I'll start with the bad, and, then get into the good. The Bad thing about this burger, was, that it was pretty much two Selects, and, honestly made it feel less like a burger. Especially when the Selects have a tendency to fall out easily and then you're just eating bun and stuff. The contrast between the cool Mayo and the Relish was really nice. The Relish had a bit of a sweet vibe going on, which meant that the cool cool mayo accentuated the sweetness and made everything feel harmonious within this burger. The Cheese added a bit of Goo, which I always love, which made the burger experience that little bit more enjoyable. I'd try it again but id be careful when it comes to ensuring that the Selects stay in the actual burger...

Cheese Melt Dippers Sharebox 

'Twelve camembert dippers coated in a crispy crumb.' - McDonalds Website

I love anything that is deep fried and Cheese based. My stomach might not, but my soul and my brain definitely do. These were delicious, but, I would definitely mention that it is best to have them whilst they are still warm as they aren't as delicious when cold. I love the contrast between the smooth milky Cheese, against, the crisp outer shell of the Dipper. Crunchy and smooth, mmm. What I love more, is the, flavour contrast against the cooling milky Camembert, and, the tangy/slightly sour Tomato Dip which gives the whole thing a good amount of Zing. If I could get the Dip on its own to use on everything, then I would!

Mint Matchmaker McFlurry 

'Soft dairy ice cream swirled with Mint Matchmaker pieces and chocolate mint sauce.' McDonalds Website.

This was a weird one for me. I love Mint, but this was a sort of Mint that punched me in the face and told me that 'IT'S CHRISTMAS!' The fab part about this McFlurry was the sauce. Dark Chocolate with a subtle touch of Mint. The Chocolate stood out the most to me. I loved this because every so often, it ensured that you had a little bit of a break from the strong hit of pure Mint flavour from the Matchmakers. I loved the sort of nubbly texture that the Matchmakers provided against the smooth ice Cream. I would definitely try this again just for the Chocolate sauce alone. This McFlurry would go great with maybe a Toffee Latte/Hot Chocolate I feel.

Millionaire's Donut

An indulgent iced caramel doughnut with gooey caramel filling, topped with biscuit pieces and a dark cocoa drizzle.

I loved this, even, if on the whole I got very big Krispy Kreme vibes. The dough itself tasted like it had been home made which is an amazing thing. I love when you can tell the dough from donuts has been made and freshly fried. It just gives it an different dimension of flavour to it. The biscuit pieces added a tiny bit of crunch on top, but kind of made the whole thing messy as to eat. Sometimes, I love that, but if I was walking and eating this, which some may do to the office, then this wouldn't be such a great point to the product. The main part of the show was the ooey-gooey Caramel Filling. Rich, buttery and thick. Oh, I would pour this on anything and everything as it is that good.

Have you tried any of the McDonalds Festive Menu? Let me know down below!

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