Sunday, 11 April 2021

Lush Space Girl Body Spray Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new #LushLabs limited edition Body Sprays that dropped on Lush UK's website the other day, and in particular the Space Girl Body Spray. 

A black spray bottle with a red catcher lever at the bottom of the spray part with a black domed label on the front that says Space Girl in large white font with Body Spray in smaller white font with #LushLabs in smaller white font on a large rectangular light brown tape with a light grey rectangular sofa in the background and a light cream rectangular shaped door on a bright background

Late 2020, Lush decided to release a little range of Body Sprays that were on their website for a limited time only. The sprays included, Winter Garden, Ectoplasm, Sparkling Pumpkin, Mamma Mia, and, Space Girl. I decided to grab Space Girl due to the bath bomb that used to be at Lush that shared the same name and scent was one of the first bath bombs that I purchased at Lush many years ago. 

List Of Ingredients: 

DRF Alcohol, Perfume, *Limonene, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Almond Essential Oil, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Linalool.

As I have mentioned, this scent was one of the first few that I was introduced to when getting into Lush a fair amount of years ago. The Space Girl Bath Bomb used to spurt out so many vibrant colours and fizz around the bath so amazingly. However, my favourite part of Space Girl Bath Bomb was it's scent and thankfully this Body Spray contains the very same sensational scent! The Grapefruit and Bergamot Oils create a wonderfully bright and zingy sherbet scent whereas the Almond Oil adds a bit of roundness and sweetness to the product to ensure that it isn't too sour. The best way to sort of explain this scent is as a sort of tangy yet sweet sherbet scent that appeals to the child within us all. 

I sprayed it various times when I grabbed it to ensure that I got a consistent response to seeing how long the fragrance lasted on the skin. This wonderful scent lasts on the skin for such a long time and is so powerful. I remember one time using this, whilst getting ready to go to University (whilst being on campus was allowed for a short time) and by the time I was home many hours later, due to studying, doing some essential shopping and grabbing something to eat, I could smell it vibrantly on my skin. The sherbet note had calmed down a bit but the almond came out a bit more and gave a almost biscuit note to the scent. 

Would I buy this again? I definitely would. Sadly, this has now been removed from the Lush site due to it being a limited edition product but I would definitely get this again. I adore the uplifting yet slightly sweet scent and I adore the Body Sprays due to getting 200ml of fragrance for an affordable price. 

Have you tried any fragrances that you are loving at the moment? Let me know down below! 

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Jamie x

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Let's Talk About Something That Happened To Me During The Pandemic

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about something quite serious. 

A photo of some light brown square shops with a square pyramid based silver glass and metal store with m in white font in a red circle with a grey road with white stripes down the street on a bright background

When society was in the midst of attempting to come back to a sense of 'normality' in the beginning of September, I decided that I would participate in doing a Masters Degree at University. At the same time, Leeds City Centre was having some major redevelopment work going on which meant that the public transport to and from Bradford was a bit of a nightmare...

For the first few wonderful weeks of being back at Leeds Beckett University, the buses moved to a completely different part of the city centre. Sadly, I had zero idea that this was happening so I got off the bus that day at the Starbucks in Leeds City Centre, near The Light Shopping Centre, due to being familiar with the Shopping Centre, but when I had finished University that day, everything became an adventure that I never want to relive...

I arrived at the location of where the bus stop had been for several months to find out that it had completely moved with no notification except a visual map that resembled a flowchart via having symbols and numbers all over it. Sadly, it was night-time. The disability that I have (Retinitis Pigmentosa/RP) affects me mainly within the aspects of depth perception, night blindness and tunnel vision, this meant that I was unable to see the 'notice' due to it being dark. I tried to use my phones torch and Google Maps on my phone, but I had no luck. 

I decided to travel to the location of where the bus used to be before the re-development work started to see whether it had moved back there or not. When I arrived there whilst using the cane that I sometimes use when I really need to use it, I tried to then again use my phone torch to attempt to see the board with the timetable and buses available on it. Now, due to the metal reflecting, I can sometimes see this due to it being contrasting with the darkness of the outside world. Whilst having my phone in my hand with my cane folded and wrapped around my wrist, I met by someone who decided to start to shout to me about socially distance. I did mention that I had a folded cane and that I had a visual impairment. She decided to carry on shouting at me about socially distancing which just made me more and more anxious even though I had explained that a: I can't see in the dark, b: I had a cane (when mentioning or showing the cane to strangers they normally understand that you have a disability due to associating a visual aid to a disability which is problematic to this day) and c: that not being able to see affects knowing how far 2m is and that I didn't realise she was there due to the darkness. She snipped that the bus I wanted wasn't at the stop and kept stating about socially distancing even though I had said what I had said. 

I decided to travel to the Bus Station at the bottom of Leeds City Centre whilst using my cane to hopefully get the bus home safely and without being shouted at. Whilst I was walking away, I was still met with ableist slurs, swearing. Whilst I started to walk away, she had decided to follow me which honestly, not only made me more anxious but slightly scared for my life especially with only being able to walk at a certain speed with a cane in the dark. 

I thankfully made it to the Bus Station as quickly as I possibly could go and found out that my bus was at a stand. Thank goodness. I got on and was on my way home safely and soundly. 

Why am I deciding to write about this now? With the restrictions lifting quite a bit, whether this be socially meeting up outside or non-essential retail opening, I feel that I need to reiterate that some people may not be able to partake in some of the requirements of being social and honestly just living during a time where a worldwide pandemic is going on and that we all need to realise this and be kind to all. Disabilities come in many forms and are on a mass spectrum and we don't know what people are going through so instantly screaming and following them is something that we shouldn't do just because they can't do something that the government is urging everyone to do. I also think that the ways that society and the government have put in place to cope with COVID are quite ableist and even though that's probably for another time, I think that we should all just take things into perspective. 

I did also contact Metro during the time of this happening, but I never got a response but if Metro do see this, you really need to ensure that customers are kind to others right now and that you have accessible to all features at your bus stops and shelters. 

Have you had any bad experience during the pandemic? Let me know down below. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Monday, 5 April 2021

Panda Sweets Pick & Mix Box Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I was kindly sent one of the wonderful Pick & Mix boxes from Panda Sweets and I thought that today, I thought I would talk to you all about it. 

A large light brown rectangular box filled with a variety of different shaped and coloured sweets on a bright background

'Our Pick N Mix Boxes are huge, they contain a massive 1,000g (1kg) or sweets. The Pick N Mix Boxes are perfect for movie nights, family gatherings parties or any other occasion, they are absolutely stuffed to the brim with a huge range of sweets, such as jelly sweets, chewy sweets, fizzy sweets, chocolate and marshmallows. The Pick N Mix Sweet Box has been photographed to show you the products contained in the box; the box will come with all of the sweets hygienically packaged in an airtight bags. In rare cases items may differ from those listed but would be replaced with a similar item of equal or higher value.'
- Panda Sweets. 

Now due to the lovely and decadent amount of sweets that are in this box, I think it might be a bit better to pick some sweets out and tell you what I think instead of talking about every type of sweet that is in this beautiful and marvellous box. 

White Chocolate Jazzies: 

I used to love these as a child. Whenever I used to go to the shops with the rest of my family I used to get these all of the time. Creamy smooth chocolate against crunchy little hundreds and thousands. Absolute perfection. Sadly, as I grew up, I fell slightly out of love with these, not out of choice but just due to growing up as a human and slightly forgetting that they existed. So imagine my surprise, when I opened the box to find a few of these whimsical white gems glaring at me. I was amazed. I instiantly felt like I was transported back to my childhood. I absolutely loved them. If you like anything that has white chocolate in them or is bright and colourful then I urge you to try them.

Fizzy Cola Bottles: 

Who doesn't love something that is coated in Sugar? These bottles to me are amazingg. I love the sort of sweet interior which tastes like an classic favourite flavour of Cola mixed with the sort of seriously sour exterior that just makes your whole face pucker. If anyone knows me, then you will know that I love sour things so these are always a great favourite for me. 

Fried Eggs: 

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs, all I want is Eggs! Who doesn't love Eggs? Again, these little fabulous Fried Eggs have been a staple favourite for me. The sweet yet slightly tart flavour of these eggs just are devious! I could eat these all night long. 

Gummy Worms: 

Do the worm! These worms are wonderful! These sweet and sour sweets are the great afternoon snack. You never know what you're going to get when you take a bite. These just remind me of my teenage years when I used to grab packets of organic Gummy Worms and spend all day out on adventures and just soaking up the atmosphere. I just adore these. 

Cherry Lips: 

These are amazing. To me, these will always remind me of my brother Luke, as these were his favourite sweet to get whilst growing up. Not only are they a great sweet to eat due to its punchy flavour but just fun to buy due to the shape of these sweets. I always loved as a kid to put these up to my face and pretend to have red plump lips. I just think that these are great sweets to bring a little bit of fun to anyone during these dark times. 

Would I get these for someone as a gift? Definitely! This box contains so many goodies for anyone that you love or want to give a bit of fun to. The variety of the sweets that are included are off the chart and the price for this box is less than £10 which for a kilo of sweets is amazing to me. 

If you want to save 15% then use my code JAMIE. This offer can be used against everything on the Panda Sweets website. This offer is available until the 31st May 2021. 

Have you tried Panda Sweets? What is your favourite childhood sweet? Let me know down below. 

Check out Panda Sweets. 

Check out the Pick & Mix Box. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This blog post was in return for a product. All views, ramblings and opinions are my own. 

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Lush Twilight Sleepy Body Spray Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! As by the time this post is up, it shall be World Sleep Day, (Friday 19th March), the lovely people at Lush PR, sent me the Twilight Sleepy Body Spray, to try and  I thought that I would talk to you a bit about my relationship with Lavender and Sleep and talk to you all about my thoughts on the Spray. 

A picture of a big black spray bottle with a arched domed black label with twilight in big white font with sleepy body spray in small white font and LUSH in small black font on a bright background

List Of Ingredients: 

Organic DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Lavender Oil *Linalool Benzoin Resinoid Tonka Absolute Ylang Ylang Oil *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Cinnamate *Benzyl Salicylate *Cinnamal *Coumarin *Eugenol *Farnesol *Geraniol *Isoeugenol *Limonene

Twilight was actually one of the first bath bombs that I tried from Lush, so having a spray version of it reminds me of the soothing sweet scent from when I was first getting into Lush. This scent contains Lavender, Tonka, Benzoin Resinoid and Ylang Ylang. To me the Lavender and Tonka are the main two stars of this show. The others just kinda help to make the Lavender and Tonic shine more. The mixture of Lavender and Tonka create a sort of soothing herbal yet malty conception. The best way to describe it is a sort of Lavender infused Horlicks hot drink. 

Whilst I was at University, I actually was using Lavender Oil every now and again on my pillow to help me drift off to sleep, but pouring it out of a little vial always was so fiddly so I am now glad I can get my soothing fix in an easy to spray bottle. I received this whilst recovering from having my first COVID vaccine and juggling two chunky University assignment deadlines for my Masters Degree so I definitely needed something to help me calm down and get to sleep soundly as I was either not able to sleep properly sometimes from the side effects or staying up quite late from working on my assignments. I used this for a good week and every time, it helped me to calm down a bit which then lead to me slowly drifting off easier when I needed some sleep. If you aren't a big fan of Lavender, then I would suggest looking at maybe Honey I Washed The Kids, or, Let The Good Times Roll Body Spray's for creamy soothing scents. If you want something a little bit more herbal then I'd suggest maybe, Guardians Of The Forest Body Spray 

This can be sprayed onto a pillow before bed, onto bed sheets, pyjamas, sprayed in the air to scent a room, and on the skin as a body spray. I used this spray as both a pillow spray and a body spray. I loved it as a pillow spray as it just made my surroundings calm before going to bed. I also loved this as a body spray, as it meant if I felt anxious then I could take a deep breath, smell a nice soothing scent and calm down. 

The performance of this fragrance is amazing. When you spray it, it releases a very strong Lavender note with a tiny touch of the Ylang Ylang, and Tonka, then about four hours in for me, the Tonka takes over for a bit whilst still having a bit of the Lavender embedded in it. I sprayed this at the beginning of a day when I was busy rushing and writing some things for an assignment and for drafting a few blog posts and even by the time I was settling down to go to bed I could still smell it on my skin. I loved that it lasted that long that it was helping me when I wanted to go to bed. 

Would I buy it again? I think that I would. I love how a little goes a long way and I love that it has so much dimension for a spray that helps you relax. I always think that the Body Sprays from Lush are great value as you get so much product for £20 and a bottle lasts so long. I do think that this has a time and place though so I don't think that I will be using it all the time. I will be using this for months to come and hopefully it will help me relax and unwind when the world gets back to being busy when things open back up within the UK. 

Have you tried anything from the Twilight or Sleepy range at Lush? Let me know down below! 

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x 

This post was in exchange for a product. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own. 

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Lush Easter 2021 Range First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the Lush Easter range for 2021. 

Follow The White Rabbit Bath Bomb 

Let's see what happens when you follow the White Rabbit into the tub... This product is a brand new one just for Easter 2021. This product contains, Buchu, Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot Oils which create a very fresh citrus sort of scent which I absolutely adore. If you have tried Star Spell or anything under the Carrots or Snowman ranges at Lush then you will definitely love this product. I love how fresh it is as Easter is a time for all things sweet so it is nice to see that Lush have something to cut through all of that to bathe in. I've also seen what this bomb does in the tub and I can't wait to use it. 

A white rabbit shaped bath bomb with streaks of pink, yellow, blue and purple on it on a bright background

Eggy Wegg Bath Bomb 

Eggs are the definition of Easter. Again, this is a brand new product for 2021 and I was intrigued on this product, just from the design alone! This product contains, Sicilian Lemon and Spearmint Oil. When I smelt this when I got the order, it smelt like Pineapple with a splash of Mint to me. I know it has no Pineapple in at all, but it smelt just like Pineapple to me. It also reminded me of Summer and Cocktails. I also love the little fried egg sort of design on this bomb too as it makes it just that little bit whimsical and cute. 

A pink spherical bath bomb with white and yellow circular egg salt shapes on a bright background

Flamingo Egg Bath Bomb 

Legendary eggs! This product contains, Coarse Sea Salt, Sicilian Lemon and Vetivert Oils and Labdanum Resinoid. To me when I smelt this, I mainly got the Vetivert note with a tiny touch of Lemon, so I'm a bit unsure on how I feel about this product but it does look like such a pretty bath bomb. 

A light pink oval egg shaped bath bomb with white and pink parts in the middle on a bright background

Golden Egg Bath Bomb 

Lush heard your demands for Golden Geese and laid this Golden Egg into the world. This product has been at Lush for many years now and has become a favourite among customers. I adore this product and had to have one especially after the past year that we have all had. This product contains Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oils to create a wonderful sort of honey-toffee scent which can be smelt for miles! This product also contains Cocoa Butter to ensure that you are nourished from the outside in. I absolutely love this but if you haven’t tried it before then I urge you to especially during lockdown as it will boost your spirits right up! 

A small golden sparkled egg shaped bath bomb on a bright background

The Owl & The Pussycat Bath Bomb 

This bath bomb looks adorable. I love the poem that this bath bomb is based off! This product contains, Gardenia and Synthetic Musk which weirdly creates a sort of candy floss and pear scent to me. If you’ve tried Creamy Candy Bubble Bar then imagine that but in a bath bomb, but it’s slightly too sickly for me. I like the scent every now and again so I think it will take me a while to use this. This product can also be used as three different products which makes it a perfect gift! 

A light blue green boat shaped bath bomb with a purple cat and a yellow owl attached on a bright background

Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb Melt

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall into the tub! This product has been out in previous years at Lush, but, honestly the design of the old Humpty Dumpty, used to creep me out a fair bit, so I'm really glad that Humpty has had a glow up. This product shares the same scent as Golden Egg and Honey I Washed The Kids. The concept of this product is to get more than one  bath in total via cracking Humpty open! I think that this is an amazing gift for children to enjoy! 

A human shaped light yellow, white and bright blue bath bomb on a bright background

Singing Daffodils Bubble Blower 

Who doesn't love a Singing Daffodil? This product contains Everlasting Flower Absolute, Ylang Ylang and Tagetes Oils. This product is a new one for Easter 2021, but the concept has been out before at Lush. Not only can you use this as a bubble bar, but you can also use this to blow bubbles which I think is really cute. The scent to me was quite powdery and slightly floral when I smelt it so I think that I would use this more for when I want something to help me relax at night but is still fun to use. I also think that this would be amazing to buy for children or those who are forever a child within. 

A bright yellow circular bubble bar with light green leaves attached to it on a bright background

Walter Bunny Body Scrub 

Bunnies are meant for Easter! Lush are well known for their solid products, and especially, their solid scrubs, therefore, Lush have released a new cute scrub for Easter time this year! This product contains, The scrub part of this product comes from Cocoa Powder and Maizze Flour which gives a delicate scrub, which I love as sometimes I don't always want a full coarse salt scrub when I'm using natural based scrubs. This product also contains, Mimosa, Cocoa and Vanilla Absolutes. Honestly I mainly got a mix of the Cocoa and Vanilla when I smelt this and didn't really get much of the Mimosa. This also contains Shea and Murumuru Butters to give your skin a soft smooth feeling after you've scrubbed. I love anything that sorts my skin out like this, my only problem was the colour more than anything as I was a bit hesitant about spreading it all over my body to scrub and soften myself. 

A golden slightly brown bunny laid down shaped body scrub on a bright background

Muddy Carrots Soap 

I mean who doesn't need a soap that will sort out those green fingers? This soap contains, Fresh Carrot Infusion, Rhassoul Mud, Sandalwood, Grapefruit and Geranium Oils. I love the sort of carrot buried in mud design that this soap is evoking. From the scent alone, I get the Grapefruit and Geranium the most which creates a sort of tart yet slightly floral scent which I quite like. 

A slanted square dark brown to black piece of soap with a triangular orange shape in the middle on a bright background

Avo Good Easter Soap 

Who doesn't love a nice big Avocado... This soap was out in 2020 before the world became what it has. Not only does this soap look like a fresh Avocado with it's stone included, but smells as fresh as an Avocado too. This product contains, Bergamot, Litsea Cubeba, and, Olibanum Oils which creates a fresh citrusy scent to me but also Avocado Oil which keeps your hands nourished.  

Two green oval pieces of soap with a gold spherical stone shape in the middle on a bright background

Funfetti Cake Lip Scrub 

Let yourself eat Cake! Even though, the world now centralises itself around face coverings, you still need to make sure that your lips are in tip top shape underneath those masks and a lip scrub is a good way to do that. This scrub contains Caster Sugar, Fine Sea Salt and Sprinkles to give your lips a good scrubbing, and, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Vanilla Absolute to give a cake like scent. When I smelt this I kind of got a mix of sort of Candy Floss with a touch of Citrus and Cake Batter intertwined together. It also contains Jojoba Oil to ensure that your lips stay super soft. If you like sweet things then I think you will enjoy it but its a bit too sweet for me personally. 

A circular pot of light pink and white pieces of sprinkles and sugars on a bright background

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know down below! 

Check out Lush

Thanks for reading!

Jamie x

Lush Mothers Day Range 2021 First Impressions

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the Mothers Day range from Lush for 2021. 

Violet Cream Bubble Bar 

Don't be scared to use this Bubble Bar! You won't turn into Violet Beauregarde. This product contains Violet Leaf and Pakistani Rose Absolutes and Cananga and Bergamot Oils. This concoction creates a vibrant layered Violet scent which I absolutely love! I didn’t use to like Violet much and I think that I am still picky with the scent, as I'm not the biggest fan of the powdery sort of Violet scents. This is anything but powdery. It's sharp and vibrant and I can't wait to use it! 

A petal shaped purple bubble bar with silvery-blue-green lustre on it with a yellow circular middle on a bright background

Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb 

Everyone's Heart is made up of Atoms! This bath bomb not only looks amazing but smells amazing too! This product contains Brazilian Orange and Neroli Oils, Rose and Orange Flower Absolutes which creates a scent which reminds me of biting into a big, round, juicy Apple... If you've tried Once Upon A Time, or, So White from Lush before, then it's the same scent! This product also reminds me of Toy Story for some reason which makes me love it that little bit more. 

A spherical blue-green bath bomb with white clouds on the side of the bomb on a bright background

Rose Gold Bath Bomb 

Who doesn't love something that is Rose Gold? Rose Gold items have dominated the world the past couple of years. This product contains a mixture of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot Oils, Benzoin Resinoid, and Orris Root Powder. This mixture creates a sort of creamy floral scent to me. I think that this scent is an amazing one to bathe in when you need something to soothe you from the world that we are living in. If you have smelt, or, tried Winter Garden, then you will love this product! I also absolutely adore the design of this bath bomb! 

A orange-gold coloured spherical ridged bath bomb coated in gold lustre on a bright background

Mother Of Pearl Bath Bomb 

Opulence, you own everything! This bath bomb is an aquatic beauty! This product contains a concoction of, Ylang Ylang, Borage, Hibiscus Seed, and Organic Rose Hip Oils, Vanilla Absolute and Benzoin Resinoid which create a sort of floral yet rich and creamy scent to it. My first impression of this to me, was a weird mix of floral and sort of Custard (I think mainly from the Vanilla Absolute), which made me feel a bit unsure on my opinion of this product. I did love the nourishing factors of this bomb, as to me it looked like it was dipped in skin softening butters which I always love as I have quite dry skin. I'd definitely suggest this as a gift just from the aesthetic of the product. 

A white spherical bath bomb coated half in pearlescent silver lustre on a bright background

Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar 

This product seems to be part of a new concept that Lush have brought out for Mothers Day, which seems to based off these floral chocolate creams that are well known in the UK. This product contains, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Benzoin Resinoid and Bergamot Oil. This mix gives off a slightly powdery floral note which is lovely and has a nice nourishing surprise in the middle of it. Again, I think just from aesthetics, this and Violet Cream would be perfect to give as gifts to people this year! 

A four piece white petal shaped bubble bar coated in light silver lustre on a bright background

Mamma Mia Body Scrub 

Here we go again! Mamma Mia Body Scrub has been out for a couple of years now and I've tried it a couple of times, so I guess this one isn't as much of a first impression compared to the plethora of products that are mentioned above. However, this scrub contains, Bergamot and Rosewood Oils and Vanilla Absolute which to me create a deep sort of sweet Vanilla scent. On top of that, this product contains, Pink Grapefruit Puree, and, Pink Grapefruit Peel Decoction which create a citrus note which cuts through all of that sweetness. Furthermore, for the scrubbing component of this product, it contains, Fine Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt and Rose Clay which give you a deep scrub. I enjoy this product but it reminds me of kind of Grapefruit flavoured Custard which means I have to be in the mood to use this which is normally when I want a scrub that evokes the sort of beach vibe for me. 

A oval shaped pink blob of body scrub on a bright background

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know down below! 

Check out Lush

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Saturday, 20 February 2021

McDonalds Homestyle Crispy Chicken Burger Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I treated myself to one of the new McDonalds Burgers recently and I thought that I would talk to you all about it. 

'A thick succulent chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating, a hot and spicy mayo and caramelised onion compote, seasonal lettuce, bacon, red onions, a slice of cheddar cheese and a glazed poppy and sesame seed bun.' - McDonalds UK. 

A photo of a white square box that contains a burger which says homestyle and burger in small orange font with crispy in large cursive orange font on a bright background

The texture of this product was amazing when I was eating it. The texture journey started off with the soft. soft bun which then surprised me with the slight popping of seeds on my tongue. I'm glad that it was a small amount, as sometimes too much seeds and you feel a bit like a bird trying to hectically get through the food. After this contrasting bun, comes the jammy Onion Compote which creates a good sort of texture appetiser for the start of the show which is the Crispy Chicken. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the Burger, as when you say Crispy from a fast food chain, you don't really expect it to be that crispy. However, this burger provided a good crispy which against the Onion Compote just made for the best mouth feel ever. After the crispines bounced on my tongue, the succulent Chicken meat were such a treat. I loved this burger just from its texture as a lot of fast food burgers claim to have a lot of texture going on but then once they are cooked, they end up losing their texture quite quickly, especially those that brands decide to wrap in paper/tin foil... 

As I have mentioned, this whole product was a big surprise to me. Not only did the texture create an experience in my mouth, but so did, the taste. The flavour journey started off with the tastiness from the seeds and bread jumping onto my tastebuds like there's no tomorrow. Once the nuttiness had dissipated, the deep umami bomb from the Onion Compote blasted all over my tongue. After a while, the kick of savouriness from the meat flooded my mouth like a river which then was cut by the sharpness of the onions. After this sharp kick, the finale of the taste experience was the Spicy Mayo that created a concoction of sweet, creamy, and warmth that left me wanting more. I was so surprised as some of the burgers that I have had from places have stated to be an experience and amazing, and they have just been really bland where this burger actually delivers. 

Would I buy this again? I'm really picky with Chicken Burgers/Sandwiches, but, yes I would definitely get this again. It has everything. Texture, umami, sweetness, sharpness. I thought that it was a good blend of flavours and textures. 

Have you tried this limited edition Burger? What's your favourite fast food product? Let me know down below! 

Check out McDonalds as their promotions change quite often. (This isn't a sponsor). 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Thursday, 11 February 2021

The MicroOil by NeuroSkinFeeds Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I was kindly sent The MicroOil a fair while ago, and I thought today, I would talk to you all about my thoughts on it. 

I was sent this product a fair while ago and there are several reasons as to why I have left it so late on discussing this product. I like to use a beauty product for a long while before I talk about it as beauty products take a while to show any form of effect, especially face products. When I was sent this product, a lockdown was happening and not only was I juggling it with University and starting a Masters Degree but also my mental health which has led to me leaving it quite a while between creating content on here. 

A clear cylindrical glass bottle filled with light orange fluid with a white label with the microbial in black font with a black pipette bottle above it on a bright background

List Of Ingredients: 

dicaprylyl carbonate; caprylic/capric triglyceride; octocrylene; homosalate; ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate; plukentia volubilis seed oil; camelina sativa seed oil; prunus amygdalus dulcis oil; diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate; butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane; ethylhexyl triazone, ethylhexyl salicylate; trocopheral (mixed); beta-sitosterol; squalene; ascorbyl palmitate; lecithin; propylene glycol; hydrogenated vegetable glycerides citrate; helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil; Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract

This product suggests that it can help with a multitude of things which include adding moisture and soothing the skin. As my skin can be irritated and dry quite often, I knew that this product would be for me. I used this for a long while and I noticed that my skin felt a lot more soft, which was great especially within the Winter months and for when the dryness of my skin flared up. My skin was irritated for a while due to wearing masks and honestly eating a lot of lactose which makes my skin flare up and break out sometimes. I used it for a fair few months and couldn't believe how soothed and not irritated my skin was. I couldn't believe it and knew that this was something I would need in my life for the long run. 

My only problem with this product was the smell. It reminded me of a mixture of oats and biscuits and even though, I love both of these things, I wasn't fully sure on how I felt of having those scents on my face for the long run of the day. 

Would I buy it again? Maybe, I loved what it did to my skin, but the price is slightly steep for me so I would have to look at it as an investment into having great skin for the long run and the scent lingering on my face for the full day was a bit off putting for me but if I put this oil under other products then I'm sure the smell would disappear. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know down below! 

Check out NeuroSkinFeeds

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

This product was in return of a blog post. All ramblings, reviews and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Violife Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour Block Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Today, I thought I would talk to you about an amazing product that I found in Aldi during January when I was trying to be a little bit more Vegan and Lacto free friendly to myself. 

A square dark blue packet containing a square block of yellow and white cheese with epic mature in light blue font with violin in white cursive bold font on a bright background

If you have followed me for a while, then you will probably know that I have suffered with being lactose intolerant for a fair while now. It has even gotten to the point that my friends will joke about me carrying so many lactase tablets around with me no matter what the occasion is. I had heard that Aldi had released a Vegan Cheese that tasted exactly like Cheddar and I knew that I had to try it and tell you all what I thought about it. 

So with most of my other food reviews, I will start off by discussing the texture of this product. I had to spend some time trying this Cheese and decide on my opinion of the texture, as my experience of Vegan products having the correct texture for me has been disappointing within the past. I was very surprised by this product as it was firm just like Cheese. Even though it was firm on the outside, it was slightly too creamy for me as I remember Cheddar being more firm than creamy on the interior, However, I can forgive the creaminess of the interior as this product was made with Coconut Oil and I thought that the interior was this particular texture due to this particular ingredient being included within the promising product. When it came to melting, the creaminess actually helped as it helped it melt easier. The best way that I can describe the texture post melted, is that, it was melted but thick, just like a béchamel sauce. I instantly thought, that due to this post melted texture, this Cheese would be great for Nachos! 

The taste of this product was impeccable. I've tried other Vegan products in the past, and honestly, they tasted of smoky Cardboard sometimes so getting a Vegan product that didn't taste like that was great to me. The creaminess of this Cheese flooded my mouth like a Vegan lake of goodness. This product tasted of what Cheddar normally tastes like. Creamy excellence with a kiss of tartness. I honestly would replace the dairy Cheddar that I have used within the past for several meals that I make for this!

Would I buy this again? As mentioned above, I definitely would. If Aldi was a little bit more closer to me then I would definitely incorporate this into my normal shopping routine. This product cost around £2 I believe but with the amount of meals I was incorporating this into whilst reviewing it, it is definitely worth the price. 

Have you tried it? What are your favourite Vegan or Lactose free products? Let me know down below! 

Check out Violife

Check out Aldi

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

McDonalds Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the brand new Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds 

These McNuggets are a part of their brand new promotional menu that is around via stores, drive thru and delivery, from the 30th December and is available for six weeks only. 

I love Katsu Curry and I love fast food. So, when I saw that the two had combined in the format of McNuggets, I had to try them. I was out running some errands with Luke earlier today and remembered that it was the day of their release, and as a McDonalds location was in our reach, I decided to drag Luke along to try some. 

A rectangular yellow box with Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets in white font on a bright background of light grey tarmac

The texture of these McNuggets were amazing. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of their original Nuggers because there isn't much of a textural difference and it puts me off a bit. These Katsu ones are different. They contain a spicy Panko coating. When I popped one of these Nuggets into my mouth, a crispy crunch enveloped my mouth making me want to pop another one into my mouth instantly. I loved popping these into my mouth. After the crispness came a wave of succulent Chicken. I'm always a bit dubious of Fast Food based Chicken because it normally ends up being on the dry side. This definitely wasn't the case with these Nuggets. The Chicken was tender and succulent and I loved it. It was such a pleasant surprise!

The taste of these were different. The Panko contained a wonderful blend of spices that danced upon my tastebuds. The spices were warm but not spicy and left me wanting more. I loved these warming spices as they contrasted beautifully against the coolness of the Chicken that lied within. Sadly, I wasn't fully a fan of the Curry Sauce and Nugget combination as the Curry Sauce that was provided had such bold fruity notes, that it, overwhelmed the flavour of the Nuggets themselves. The Sweet and Sour Sauce was a better match for these as it still added a note of fruitiness that you would get within a Katsu Sauce (S&B Katsu sauces contain Apple which gives a fruity roundness to their sauces) but still allowed the palette to grab onto the warming spices. I think that McDonalds should've created a separate Katsu sauce for these Nuggets instead of relying on the Dips that they already have for other products. 

Would I buy these again? Yes I would! I loved the uniqueness of these. I loved the warm notes that were provided by the spices and the Panko coating made me want to go back for more and more. I think that these are a great addition to the McDonalds UK menu, even if they are only available for a short time. 

Have you tried them? Let me know down below! 

Check out McDonalds UK here.

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

(This isn't a sponsored post. I just like food a lot and thought I should discuss my opinion on this brand new product to you. I paid for these out of my own money and were not paid for in exchange for a blog post.) 

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Five Things I've Loved From The Yorkshire Soap Company This Winter

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post. With Christmas coming up, even during this peculiar and tiresome year. I thought I would talk to you all about some of the products that I have been loving from one of my favourite places this year. 

Note: This isn't a sponsored post. I just thought it would be good to share some light on a small business that create amazing products and could do with support going into 2021. The guys and staff at The Yorkshire Soap Company are amazing. Check out their products if you can. 

A triangular clear plastic bottle with a clickable plastic clear circular lid filled with clear liquid with a oval silver clip at the top with a white rectangular label with Yorkshire soap company cola hand sanitiser in black font with triangular pieces of different coloured soap on white circular cake plates on a bright background

Cola Hand Sanitiser 

Hand Sanitiser may seem a bit of a weird product to give as a gift. However, gifts are great when they are practical and I mean, who doesn't need sanitiser during these tough times? I always love drinking some Cola especially with ice and a slice of Lemon, and I love the fact that my hands can smell of Cola too. I love how this particular Sanitiser stands out against the many that are in the world right now, by having a clip. The reason that I love this, is because, I have a mediocre memory and having this product clipped to me means that I don't have to worry when it comes to trying to remember the location of the sanitiser that I am loving at the moment. 

Gingerbread Person Soap 

I love this because well who doesn't love a good Gingerbread Person? Who knows, they may talk to you about their friend who lives on Drury Lane? Yorkshire Soap have released these for the past couple of years and I have always loved them. Is it really Winter if there isn't something Gingerbread based wafting their scent throughout the house? Soap is something that we all need right now, and honestly, this is one of my most favourite Soaps when it comes to the Winter season to use. This soap contains amazing ingrediens such as, Cinnamon and some other spicy and fresh items. If anyone knows me, then they will know that I adore Cinnamon to the point that I will try and incoporate it in as many entities as possible at this time of year. This soap is amazing as a gift for someone special or yourself. Just remember to not touch the gumdrop buttons! 

Yorkshire Christmas Candle 

Candles and Winter just go together, right? I always love a good Candle during the colder months as it just makes you feel warm. Whether that be warmer on the inside or outside. I always love spicy scented Candles as they just make me feel cosy and comforted. This one is no exception but does have something unique to offer. This Candle contains Cinnamon and Orange. Not only do I love Cinnamon (check above), but I think that Cinnamon and Orange give a sort of spicy freshness that is hard to achieve in fragrances and Candles. Not only that, but Cinnamon and Orange give me a big festive feel as Oranges always remind me of the holiday season! 

Reindeer Poo Bath Bon Bons 

I know that Reindeer Poo doesn't sound like the greatest of names for a product. However, this jar of 'Reindeer Poo' is an amazing product. It contains a mixture of bath bon bons that consist of Chocolate Orange, Parma Violet, and, Musk. Chocolate Orange is always a Winter treat to me, whether that be in the form of a body based product or a food product. This product also comes in a gorgeous glass jar that can be used again and again as something to hold some amazing goodies in the future. I always love a product that can be used for multiple purposes. 

Night Night Sweetheart Perfume 

I know that this may sound abstract, but, I love fresh and fruity scents during Winter. I love how the sharpness of fruit can make you feel awake and ready to do anything whilst still feeling soothed at the same time. I love how Night Night Sweetheart contains Plum which creates this sort of sharp yet soothing feeling. This fragrance lasts for ages which I love because well its great when you can still smell the fragrance at the end of the day. I could just smell this fragrance all day long. 

Have you tried anything from Yorkshire Soap Company? Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Lush Beauty Sleep Face Mask Review

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I recently got to try some of the new Beauty Sleep mask from Lush, and, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about it. 

An oval purple shaped blob of thick and creamy face mask with specks of bright silver glitter embedded into it on a bright white background

List Of Ingredents: 

Lemon Verbena and Valerian Root Extracted in Honey Glycerine Mullein Leaf and Linseed Decoction Kaolin Talc Ground Organic Aduki Beans Orange Blossom Honey Water Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Bentone gel Orange Flower Absolute Neroli Oil Myrrh Resinoid Lavender Oil Benzoin Resinoid Tonka Absolute Ylang Ylang Oil Organic Jojoba Oil Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh Coconut Illipe butter Organic Avocado Oil Organic Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil Evening Primrose Seeds Wheatgerm oil Fresh Lemon Juice Fresh Pineapple Juice Fresh Orange Juice Organic Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil Water (Aqua) Titanium Dioxide Synthetic Fluorphlogopite Tin Oxide Stearic Acid Triethanolamine Cetearyl Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Cinnamate *Cinnamal *Coumarin *Farnesol *Geraniol Hydroxycitronellal *Limonene *Linalool Perfume Colour 17200 Colour 42090.

Directions To Use: 

Run a warm bath, put on some relaxing music and apply this beautiful face mask to clean skin. Sit back and relax. Inhale the neroli and let the valerian and lemon verbena get to work. Once you’re feeling relaxed and ready for bed, rinse away with warm water.

The texture of this mask was a complex one for me. When I grabbed some of this mask out of the tub, it was quite creamy, but when I applied it to my skin it became quite scrubbing and matte. I haven't experienced this much with a Face Mask before, as normally scrubbing/matte based products don't tend to be as creamy as Beauty Sleep was when I applied it. 

When I was washing it off, I adored the tiny scrubbing sensation that I got from removing the Aduki Beans from my face. Due to lactose based spots my skin can have a nasty reaction to abrasive scrubbing so I loved that it wasn't a harsh scrub. I also adored the softness that this product gave my face, due to the dollop of 'Gorgeous' Moisturiser that is in Beauty Sleep. 

The smell of this product, was a peculiar one for me. Even though there is a few citrus based ingredients in this product, Beauty Sleep had an overwhelming smell of Lavender to me. Beauty Sleep smelt like the Lush product 'Twilight' to me. After five minutes of leaving the mask on, the product changed slightly from full on Lavender to me, to a mixture of deep Orange Flower and Lavender to me. I think if the same formula based mask came out with a more Citrus scent that was called something like I Woke Up Like This, then I would absolutely adore that. I'm just not the biggest fan of Lavender. 

Would I buy this again? I'm not sure. I think I'd buy it every once in a while because I love the more softening formula to it. However, if I want a scrub based mask, I would probably stick to the ones that are already a part of my beauty routine. I think that I would use this every so often but its not a mask that, personally, I would instantly go to when I want a pamper. As I said above, if it was more citrus scented I would gravitate to it a bit more. 

What are your thoughts on Beauty Sleep? Let me know down below! 

Check out Lush

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Jammie Dodgers Gooey Apple Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I saw some new Jammie Dodgers, so I thought that I would get some, try them and tell you what I thought about them, so that's what I am doing today. 

Gooey apple flavour filing sandwiched between two shortcake biscuits. - Tesco. 

A picture of a white hand next to a black leather sleeve holding a rectangular box containing golden circular Jammie dodgers with a green filling with a light brown and green packaging with Jammie dodgers gooey apple in white font on a bright background

I have always loved Jammie Dodgers. They were definitely a biscuit that was the centre of my childhood, along with BN's, Blue Ribands, and, Golds. I love the texture of the biscuits. The slightly crisp yet crumbly shortcake biscuit goes well against the smooth filling which slowly melts into a pool of deliciousness on your tongue. I think due to their texture alone, they are one of those biscuit products where you can say that you're only going to have one, and then five minutes later, you've finished the whole packet without even realising what you have done due to the fact that they are sinfully delicious. 

I know what you're thinking... An Apple flavoured biscuit, what a weird product to release into the world! Whilst I hear your worries and questions, the mixture of Apple and buttery Biscuit is not only amazing in this product, but a flavour combination that us Brits, and, probably most people internationally are used to.  We all know this combination via the amazing Apple Pie. When I first bit into this product, my mouth was hit with a beautiful blast of buttery biscuit. Not too rich, but not too oily tasting either. (I've had some biscuits before that taste quite oily). After the blast of biscuit calms down, the amazing avalanche of Apple  hit my tastebuds. After about a minute or so, this Sharp flavour died down and mixed with the background note of sweet bakery products to create an interesting Apple Pie flavour. I adore Apple Pie.

Would I buy these again? Yes, I definitely would. I am sad that they are a limited edition. I believe that they are, even, a Halloween limited edition product so I am going to have go on the hunt and get some before they disappear from the shelves. I love these. They fit into the Autumn aesthetic of life quite well via being Apple Pie flavoured and actually deliver on flavour unlike some biscuit products that I've recently tried. I hope that this product comes back next year. If I was to give them a rating, I would give them a 9.5/10. 

Have you tried these? Let me know down below! 

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Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x