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Filling My Cherry Blossom With Food | Blue Sakura Leeds

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Blue Sakura a couple of weeks ago, so I thought that I would tell you all about my time at the restaurant.

Blue Sakura is a Japanese based restaurant, that opened earlier this year within the Arena Quarter/Merrion Centre in Leeds City Centre. At Blue Sakura, you can choose from either the a la carte menu, or the all you can eat menu that starts at £18 per person.

I went with my good friend, Alex. I had seen the creation of Blue Sakura, due to my student accommodation being a two minute walk from it. Due to this, I had lusted over checking it out to see what the atmosphere and food was life. I finally bit the bullet when I saw Alex and we both love Japanese food and Sushi, so we thought why not.

The decor screams inspiration from Japanese gardens. Not only with it's crisp yet elegant features such as tiling and glass tables, but with a big pink Sakura tree that is surrounded by a blue background. If you're not sure what Sakura (I say it like sack-u-rah but obviously I'm English and I apologise if I'm butchering the pronounciation of it.)

As soon as we sat down at the table, we were told how to order. You have five dishes per person and you have six rounds. If there's 2, you can order up to 10 dishes per round and so on. The way that you order is via a big electronic tablet on the table. You scroll through the menu, choose the dishes that you want and click confirm and within about five minutes, they come to your table. Just like that. You can also order your drink in the same way. You have six rounds, so 30 dishes per person? Challenge accepted.

Honestly, we ordered pretty much 3/4 of the Lunch Menu, so I thought that I'd list as many as I can remember and just talk about what I thought of them. (I also paid for this out of my own money, so the opinions within this post will be true and isn't sponsored, therefore I did the Lunch Menu, but if Blue Sakura want to invite me for the Dinner Menu, I would definitely say yes.)

Here is some photos by Alex of the amazing food that I enjoyed.

Two rectangular white plates filled with rectangular sushi with pink and red rectagnaulr strips on top on a large white table on a bright background

A white rectangular plate with dark rectangular strips of sushi with two thin light brown chopsticks on either side on a white rectangular plate on a bright background

A rectangular white plate with orange, red and black pieces of sushi on a white rectangular table on a bright background

A white rectangular plate filled with black square pieces of sushi with red square pieces and white rice on a white rectangular table on a bright background

A selection of white circular bowls and rectagnaulr plates filled with colourful food on a bright white rectangular table on a bright background

Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

I always get Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup at a Buffet. I don't care what else they have to offer. If they don't have a good Chicken or Crab and Sweetcorn Soup, then they're already in trouble in my mind. I loved this, slightly creamy yet still fresh. The sweetcorn added sweetness and crunch. I just loved it. I can drink this by the bucket load, even if it does burn my mouth from rushing to have it due to being greedy.

Miso Soup

I love Miso Soup. This was perfect. Chunks of creamy tofu that soak up the deep broth with strips of healthy Seaweed. Definitely a good first dish to start off a massive buffet with. If you've never tried Miso Soup before, I urge you to.

Seaweed Salad

This was a new one for me. I'm not a massive salad eater at restaurants. I kind of loved this though. It created a refreshing palette cleanser whilst eating a lot of Sushi. I loved the crunch from the vegetables and the slight softness from the seaweed. It was a great salad and I would definitely recommend.

Tofu Pocket Nigiri

I love Tofu Pocket and is normally one of the items that I get when I go to Yo! Sushi sometimes. I loved the slight texture difference from the exterior to the interior. The sweetness of the Tofu Pocket also went really well with the Wasabi that Blue Sakura have to offer.

Cooked Egg Nigiri

I wasn't sure how I felt about this one at first as I had never had Egg on top of Sushi Rice, but, it was amazing. The soft silky egg against the slightly starchy rice was fabulous. Oh and if you had Pickled Ginger with it to cut through some of the richness, then it would make it even better. (it made me love the Nigiri more.) I loved these and would definitely have these again and again.

Salmon Maki

I love Salmon. I rarely have it due to the price of it, but, boy do I love it when I do get to enjoy it. The freshness of the Salmon went really well with the more sort of nutty taste of the rice. I love Maki as you can just pop it in your mouth. These were fabulous.

Flying Fish Egg Gunkan

So I'm not the massive fan of the texture of Fish Eggs, but by the third one, I understood why they were there. They added an element of freshness and texture. I enjoyed this one, but it took me a couple of them to finally make my mind up on whether I enjoyed them or detested them.

California Roll

I love a good California roll! Crab Meat, Avocado and Cucumber always work in my opinion. I loved the crunch of the Cucumber against the smoothness of the Avocado with the slight sweet yet meaty rang of the Crab Meat. Honestly, I love Crab Meat in anything.

Golden Dragon Roll

This roll comes with Flying Fish Eggs... As I said, I'm not the massive fan of Fish Eggs, but I honestly think it was needed in this to add some texture. It also added a deep flavour to the Roll which made me love it a bit more.

Red Dragon Roll

Even though this Roll had a good amount of heat, and I'm a wimp when it comes to heat I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was spicy but fresh from the Cucumber and Avocado that was in the roll too. The Salmdon mixed with the heat added some texture and made the roll feel more luxurious.

Pumpkin Croquettes

These are another staple that I get at Yo! Sushi. I love them! These were slightly crunchy but slightly creamy on the inside. I would have loved more Pumpkin in them, but, I'm greedy like that. These were fabulous!

Deep Fried Tofu In Teriyaki Sauce

Sadly, I wasn't the biggest fan of these. I love Tofu, I love deep fried food, and I love Teriyaki, but when paired together... No. I just think that the batter may have needed to be a bit crispier or that I'm just not the biggest fan of creamy Tofu being deep fried. I'm not sure. I loved the Teriyaki sauce though!

Vegetable Gyoza

Gyozas are fabulous and so were these. Slightly crispy on the outside and warm and steaming on the inside. I would have loved for these to be a tiny tiny bit crispier for me so I could get the full texture contrast fantasy moment that I love, but on a whole, I enjoyed these. These went fabulously with the Soy Sauce that is on your table to enjoy.


These were amazing. If you don't know what Yakitori are, then, they are pretty much charred Chicken Skewers drenched in Teriyaki Sauce. When I say drenched, I truly mean drenched. Ugh, I could have these over and over again.

Gyu Kushiyaki

The Chicken ones were nice, but oh my god, these were something else. I think that the deepness of the beef just workd extremely well with the complex Teriyaki sauce.

Ebi Kushiyaki

If you're not sure of what Ebi is. Ebi means Prawn. I loved these Skewers but I also love Prawns in anything and everything really.

Chicken Bun

I like a good Bar Bun. It was massive. The bun was fluffy and creamy, the Chicken was tender and the veggies were bright, refreshing, and, crunchy. Ugh, I could eat 10 of these.

Chicken Katsu Curry

I'm still not sure with this one. I liked it but the smell of it was making me a bit nauseous. I don't know if its because of the amount of food I had already devoured or just the smell but it was alright. I think if I had this earlier on then I would have felt a bit better about it as a dish.

Crab Meat Tempura 

I'm still not sure on this one. I love Crab. I love Tempura but I wasn't enamoured by this sadly. I just think that batter wasn't;t as crispy as I was expecting thus not creating that much of a textural contrast.

Chicken Wings 

So, okay. I'm picky with Chicken Wings, I hate most things that start with Buffalo, so if you serve me a Buffalo Wing and expect an amazing review, well then it might have to be very amazing. These were slightly charred and crispy. I liked them, but I kind of think they would have been better with maybe a Wasabi Mayo or maybe a Japanese style BBQ sauce. (Like Okonomiyaki BBQ sauce?)

Korean Fried Chicken 

I love Korean Fried Chicken. If you ever get to go to Ox Club in Leeds, then please try their Korean Chicken for Brunch. Weirdly, this wasn't spicy at all. Sour, yes, but spicy? No. Yes, we got the Mild version, mainly because I was expecting a lot of heat from Mild. My fault, I know. The chicken was fabulous though.

Blue Sakura Salad 

Sadly, I didn't like this that much. I love Avocado, Cucumber and Lettuce, but on its own, there's only so many forkfuls you can have before admitting defeat and moving onto another dish. I loved the smoothness of the Avocado, against the Lettuce, but it got a bit too cloying in the mouth. A good palate cleanser though!

Spring Rolls

I love Spring Rolls. I love Summer Rolls. I love all the rolls. Sadly, I wasn't in love with these though. These weren't my favourite, but they were a good dish to slowly munch on mindlessly whilst chatting.

Spicy Tuna Crispy Roll

Okay so these were amazing. I am a wimp with spice sometimes, so these were quite spicy in my opinion. Saying that, the crunch in the middle made you want to go back for more and more. I would happily eat thee again and again. Bring me all the Crispy Rolls!

Deep Fried Breadcrumbed King Prawn 

These were Alex's favourite. They ended up ordering about three platefuls. I loved them. Crunchy and spicy on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside. Sadly. I was full from all of the delicious food, so I didn't have that many of them, but I would definitely go back for them.

Have you been to Blue Sakura Leeds? Let me know down below! What's your favourite type of Sushi? Let me know down below! 

Click here to check out Blue Sakura.

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Jamie x

This review was not sponsored. I paid for this with my own money. All views, ramblings and opinions are non-biased and my own. 

Friday, 28 June 2019

Let's Talk About Some LGBTQIAP+ Topics | A Ramble About Being Myself

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! This post may be controversial for some, it may be relevant to others, but, as it's Pride Month, I thought that it was best if I had a little discussion with you all about some stuff. Without sounding self centred, most of this post will be about me, and it will be rambly, but I hope that you don't mind that.

It's probably going to be best to sort this rambling thread out into sections. I felt that it was mainly important to create this post, because not only is it Pride Month, but the LGBTQIAP+ community as a whole, are still very marginalised and as I'm a part of the community, I thought that I needed to speak up about some stuff. Some stuff is positive, some is negative, and some is in-between.

A picture of a grey t-shirt with love is love in white bold chunky font with rainbow colours behind the words like a shadow on a bright background


If anyone didn't know, I identify as non-binary. This is defined as, a term that is used for people that are not exclusively masculine or feminine‍. ‌Identities that are outside the gender binary and cisnormativity. I did a post a while ago about being non-binary (click here if you want to read that.) Being non-binary is sometimes a weird concept to explain to anyone that is cisgendered (someone whose gender identity matches their anatomical gender at birth), because being both masculine and feminine can come across as a new subject to them, even though it has been around in many cultures for many years. Being 'enby' is still something that I am trying to express in a way that I want to and is still something that I am working on. I think that celebrities coming out as enby has definitely helped. It's showed me that the representation is slowly getting better therefore more people are learning to understand and accept enby, but also that no one fully has it together which helps my state of mind a lot with my gender. When I came out as non-binary, I got a fair few people asking me, can you be non-binary with a beard? Doesn't facial hair instantly make you conform to the attributes of one gender? Well no, why should something that grows on my face instantly define who I am? Society has told you to think that beards are ultra masculine, and well in my opinion, they are not. Clothing, again. shouldn't be categorised into gender specific sections. Yes, I know that many within society and media have had this debate, but for me, having gender specific sections, scared me when starting to understand my gender and who I am. I felt awkward going through female clothing sections in stores in case someone stopped me. I know that sounds stupid, but that's because society has told us that if someone that isn't a cis woman is looking at women's clothing is dodgy and weird, which is not completely true. We need to realise that most just want to look at female clothing, because, well there's sometimes better designs for certain aesthetics in the 'women' section. That was about a year ago, and I can't thank my female presenting friends such as Abbey and Michelle, who would help me look through such sections in stores so I didn't feel anxious. This year alone, I've dabbled more in makeup (an expensive and tricky hobby), worn crop tops and dresses outside and had genuine fun presenting as feminine when I've felt it in front of random strangers. All things that I was scared to do on my own this time last year. Dysphoria still and will happen,

Being Polyamorous

Polyamory is defined as, engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved. (I have also done a post on this before so click here to read it). When writing my previous post about being poly, I didn't really know how to explain any of it I just knew that it was something that I knew that was for me? I've slowly figured that it's more to do with mental health and that it helps my anxiety as I have a tendency to push some away when feeling 'bleh'. I also think that polyamory has a sort of stigma around it. I know that sounds slightly silly seeing as we live in an inclusive society, but stay with me. Polyamory has kind of being perceived as this thing that only a small minority do, that may be true, but its also been shown to be portrayed via hippies or America. By that I mean, polyamory being the centre of a communal lifestyle where many people come and live together and they share everything, or, something hidden in the corners of America in places such as Utah for it to be gawked at by the mainstream media, due to it being niche. The first one sounds kinda interesting, and, like a Marxists dream, but also sounds problematic. Also why was the stereotype with hippies? I guess that media didn't;t know what to do with it due to it not being mainstream and therefore decided to seek the first sighting of polyamory and just lump it altogether? That was wrong to do then, and, it's wrong to do today. When others ask me about polyamory, they get confused and anxious. I get that, being confused and anxious about something that you're not used to is expected. However, when I try to educate someone on it, they either just don't want to grasp it, slut shame, or, instantly come back with, 'oh well, I'd get jealous'. First of all, Karen, if you're confused about something and I educate you, the nice thing to do is to at least listen and nod. If you don't get it, that's fine, but ask questions, that's what questions are for. If you're not going to listen then why should I bother? Second of all,  you shouldn't slut shame anyone, no matter what. If I don't judge you, then why should you judge me? Third of all, everyone gets jealous, we compare and contrast within life. We shouldn't but its an innate thing to do, so of course polyam's get jealous, but communication is key. For me, polyamory is something that is still new in my life, but the way that I view polyamory, is something that improves my life. I'm not sure where I am with it, just like my gender, but I love love and I love people, so shouldn't that be enough for right now?

Holding Peoples Hands In Public

Most of you may think that holding hands in public is nothing, but for anyone in the LGBTQIAP+ community, it's not just a simple mundane thing. Homophobic/anti-queer attacks still happen. They happen in the UK, they happen around the world, and they probably happen in the town that you live in. Holding hands shows that you're being intimate within public grounds. Sometimes, this might be within safe spaces, sometimes this might just be shopping, but this still shows bravery. It shows that you know that someone might come up to you and shout slurs at you, they might punch you in the face but it shows that you're being your true authentic self. I'm still getting used to this for many reasons. Not only am I holding hands with people to show that I'm being myself, but I do it with my closest friends, due to needing help with seeing sometimes. I have an eye condition that means that I can't see that great within dimly lit places or well dark lighting/no lighting. Frankly, this isn't going to stop me going out at night, nor is it going to stop me going on nights out and adventures. This means that I let friends help me by holding my hand and guiding me, and that's fine, but to strangers they may not realise. By this, I mean that, invisible illnesses or even eye conditions, aren't recognised unless there's a visual cue to go along with it. No one gets that someone has a disability unless there's a wheelchair or a cane to show the disability. This means that I have still gotten scared that my face might get punched, or I'll get slurs shouted at me. I know what you're thinking. 'Jamie, it's rare that it will happen.' That's true, but it has multiple times. That's the only problem, most want to say that we've come a long way within queer rights, but have we? Should anyone be scared to hold hands? Hell no. Should someone be scared to show their loved ones affection in public? No. Yes, the LGBTQIAP+ community have some rights under the Equality Act, but that doesn't solve everything. We are slowly getting there though. This is why I've started to not care. Why should I be scared in case one thing happens, when I know that even if someone did punch me for being myself, that won't stop me being myself. I've started to hold hands with anyone and everyone that I know (after consent of course) because well, why should we care what others think?

Finding A Tribe

A lot of the LGBTQIAP+/queer community, decide to create their own family, as sometimes we're not lucky to have a family that accepts us as our true authentic selves. I have a family that does. I love them a lot, but I think that having a tribe/second sort of family was the best decision that I could have ever made. Not everyone in what ever tribe you find are the same, and that's fine, because its the best thing about being in a part of a smaller tight knit sort of community. You learn new things, you get educated on things that you would never know about otherwise, but, you get to do the same back. You can also rely and trust the people around you. and honestly, its fabulous. Finding people that share the same ideas and values has opened my mind up. It's also boosted my confidence, showed me that I can be open and not get hurt for doing so, and so much more. I don't talk about my mental health on here much anymore, but, its calmed my anxiety down so much. Honestly, if I hadn't had found people that I could trust, I wouldn't be able to write the above. Hell, I wouldn't really be able to write this post at all.

Thank you to, Alex L, Richard and Alex, Jim, Shaun, Mike, Vince, Johann, Kevin and Richard, Ben, Jos, Toby, Kris, Axel, Abbey, Michelle, Dan and anyone else that I've forgotten. (I'm writing this in the early depths of the morning.) Not to be cheesy, but to quote a misfit character that I relate on a spiritual level to, 'this is my family, I found it all on my own. It's little, and, broke, but still good. Yeah still good.' (Comment down below if you know the quote.)

Businesses With Rainbows/Commercialisation Of Pride

I read an article whilst planning this post that talked about how sticking rainbows onto brands logos isn't enough by one of the members of Years and Years. They said that they were sick of businesses just changing their logo to rainbow and thinking that it's enough to show their pride. I think that this is true. A brand can't just change its logo for a month and think that this is enough. If a brand is truly wanting to show their pride, then why not give a percentage of your profits to an LGBTQIAP+ charity? Why not make sure that your LGBTQIAP+ staff are being treated equally? Why not have a Pride range all year round? Pride can't just be a gimmick for a month to increase sales. LGBTQIAP+ can't be reduced down to a BLT with some added Guacamole to make it inclusive. It's pandering and it cheapens your brand as a whole. I'm glad that some brands have ensured that their Pride ranges do donate to a charity, but the ranges are only out for June which is problematic, because well Pride isn't just in June. Rainbows can happen at any time, and so can Pride and celebrating equality around the world. If you're going be loud, be so loud that they can hear from you the other side of the world and keep with it.

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and that you've had a good Pride Month. If you're going to any Pride events this year, be inclusive and be accepting. If you know any LGBTQIAP+ people, talk them, ask questions, let them educate you and accept and love them.

Thank you for reading this rambly post. 
Jamie x

Friday, 21 June 2019

Getting Spicy For The Summer | The Body Shop Summer Range 2019

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! The Body Shop released two new ranges, and I thought that today I would talk to you about them.

The Body Shop have decided to focus their Summer ranges on food waste. By this, I mean using wonky and unwanted vegetables and fresh ingredients within their products within the Summer Range. The main two ranges that The Body Shop have released for the Summer, are, Banana and Ginger, which both use wonky or wasted pieces of Fresh Banana and Ginger.


Enriched with beautifully gnarly, knobbly and totally twisted ginger root extract from India. This Ginger range ensures that any Ginger Root from India that doesn't get used within beauty products, would be used within The Body Shop's range. The range contains, a Shower Gel, a Body Scrub, Body Yoghurt, Body Butter, and a Hand Wash. If you like the Ginger Anti Dandruff, then imagine the smell of that being the main scent of this range, but more Fresh. Whereas the Anti Dandruff range has more of a dark warming scent that may remind you of Christmas/Gingerbread, this range will give you more of a fresh zingy Ginger Juice sort of scent. The Showr Gel is my favourite product from the range, as it lathers up instantly which intensifies the Ginger flavour slightly. The Body Butter is enriching and keeps your body moisturised for at least 12 hours (I tried it out for the day whilst shopping and I could smell it when I was going to bed). My least favourite Ginger product was the Body Yoghurt. I do love a Body Yoghurt, but mixing a Body Yoghurt with any warm weather isn't the best of ideas, as I found that the warm weather doesn't help the Yoghurt to set.

A small white hand holding a cylindrical plastic bottle which says the body shop ginger shower gel  in black font filled with pale orange shower gel on a bright background


Enriched with Community Trade organic banana puree made from bananas that won’t sell to the food industry. This means that any of the Banana's that don't make it into your smoothies or Banana Bread, get to go into a beautiful Banana product at The Body Shop. This range includes, a Shower Cream, Body Polish, Body Yoghurt, and, Body Butter. If you love sort of sweet scents then you will love this one, as the scent has a sort of Foam Banana scent to it. This range would go perfectly with a Banana Daiquiri in the sun after pampering yourself with beauty products.

A tall plastic clear cylindrical shower gel bottle with bananas all over it filled with pale yellow liquid on a bright background


Shower Gel - £5
Hand Wash - £5
Body Scrub - £15
Body Polish - £10
Body Yoghurt - £8.50
Body Butter - £15

Have you tried any of the above products? What's your favourite scent from The Body Shop? Let me know down below! (Check out The body Shop.)

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Everyone Come & Join The ManCave | ManCave Grooming

Hey everyone!

How is your day going?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I bought some stuff from ManCave a while ago, and thought that I would try them for a while and then review them, so that's what I'm going to talk about today. (I've also heard good things about the Hair Styling products, let me know down below if you've tried them.)

Lemon & Oak Shower Gel

As this says, this shower gel is scented with Lemon and Oak Oils. Lemon helps to naturally cleanse skin, whereas Oak helps to uplift. This Shower Gel is amazing for using in the morning or for when you feel a bit groggy. I loved that the Lemon part of the Gel was a deep Lemon scent, compared to the general instantly sharp Lemon Curd-esque scent that most companies try to imitate in Shower products. This shower gel created such a creamy lather and moisturised my skin slightly. It's also priced at £4 which is pretty good for a mid market shower product.

A triangular shaped black bottle with ManCave in white font with lemon and oak shower gel in cursive yellow font on a bright background

Samdalwood Shower Gel

Mentioned above, I say that I thought that the Lemon and Oak was the best for the morning, I think that this is better for the mid-afternoon/evening. Tea Tree Oil helps to cleanse and soothe the body, whereas Sandalwood helps to relax the mind. I think that this product goes amazing with the Mancave Scrub that I'll be talking about later within this post. This shower gel reminds me of Autumn just from the spice and musk of the scent. The lather again is creamy and slightly moisturising. Priced at £4.

A triangular shaped black bottle with ManCave in white font with sandalwood shower gel in cursive yellow font on a bright background

Sensitive Shower Gel

I do get sensitive sometimes, so I was glad that Mancave had a product to cover my needs for when my skin gets like that. This Shower Gel has a clean but subtle scent which is great for sensitive skin as it won't irritate the skin as much. This Shower Gel also contains Cucumber which soothes and slightly moisturises due to the water content. The lather is slightly more creamy with the Sensitive Shower Gel, but, I kind of like it due to having slightly dry skin. Priced at £4.

A triangular shaped black bottle with ManCave in white font with sensitive shower gel in cursive yellow font on a bright background

Blackspice Body Scrub

This was hands down my favourite product from the Mancave order I made! This Scrub contains Pumice and Charcoal Powder helps to scrub away at dead skin to reveal a new you. Black Pepper Oil and Cardamom Oil helps to soothe the muscles and give anti-oxidants to the skin. I love anything Spicy so this Scrub is the one! This would be fab first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Ah, I love this product! Priced at £5.

A triangular shaped black bottle with ManCave in white font with Blackspice Body Scrub  in cursive light brown font on a bright background

Caffeine Shampoo

Caffeine is the saviour of my life! Caffeine helps to stimulate and strengthen hair. I loved this Shampoo. It did exactly what it said, strengthen and stimulate. This is perfect to use first thing in the morning. Priced at £5.50.

A triangular shaped black bottle with ManCave in white font with caffeine shampoo in cursive yellow font on a bright background

Have you tried any of the ManCave products? Let me know down below! Check out ManCave.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Dear John, I See It All Now That You're Gone | Dear John Shower Gel

Hey everyone!

How are you doing? Good? Bad? Let me know down below!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I've been enjoying the Dear John Shower Gel from the Lush Fathers Day range for a while now, and I thought that today, I would talk to you about my thoughts on it. (If you want to find out what the Lush Fathers Day range consists of then click here to read my post about it.) (Click here to check out Lush.)

A tall cylindrical plastic bottle filled with dark blue liquid with a black rectangular label with Dear John in bright white font on a rectangular light brown wooden shelf on a bright background

List Of Ingredients:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate Glycerine Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Fresh Coriander Infusion Fair Trade Organic Clove Infusion Perfume Lauryl Betaine Cedarwood Oil Vetivert Oil Coriander Seed Oil Clove Bud Oil Lactic Acid Water (Aqua) *Citral *Coumarin *Eugenol *Limonene *Linalool Colour 42090 Colour 17200

The Scent

As you can tell from the list above, this shower gel contains Coriander, Clove, and, Vetivert. The best way to sum up Dear John, is Tobacco mixed with a slight touch of Coffee and Herbs. I know that this sounds weird but stick with me. The clove kind of creates the darkness of the coffee, the Vetivert gives the smokiness of Tobacco and the Coriander gives the sort of a fresh herbal hit. I love it as there isn't really a product out there that smells like this. Yes, there is wood based scents, yes there are some herbal scents, and there is a couple of smoky based scents, but, there's nothing out there that merges all three into one. I love this scent for more of a dull day, which lets be real, happens a lot within England.

The Texture

Most of Lush's Shower Gels are slightly thick, and this is no different, but sometimes Lush's shower gels can take a good squeezing to get out. This one does not. It's thick but still quite runny. It's a bit of an enigma because its runny but doesn't run as soon as you tip your hand. Lush also do a Naked version of this product and the texture is very different. The Naked (which ensures that you save on plastic due to no bottle) has more of a tackier texture as soon as you touch it. This foams up slowly to ensure a rich lather. I kind of prefer the texture of the liquid, but, I love the Naked products and think that they have a place and time for myself.


With Lush Shower Gels, there are different prices for different sizes, so I thought that it would be best to put all down just to see the different.

100g - £6.95
250g - £13.95
500g - £22.95

Naked - £11.50

Would I Buy It Again?

Yes, I definitely would. I think that it would be amazing for those colder nights in Autumn time. I personally prefer the Liquid over the Naked but I also think that the Naked version would be great to purchase for travelling. I will definitely be buying more to ensure that I've got enough to cover me, due to this being a limited edition product.

Do I Think It Should Be A Permanent Product?

Yes, it definitely should! Lush please read this and make it a permanent.

Have you tried or enjoyed any of the Fathers Day range from Lush? Have you tried Dear John? Have you read my Fathers Day Range post? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Having A Punk Pizza Party | Adore Delano A Pizza Me Manchester

Hey everyone!

How's everything going?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to see Adore Delano a while ago in Manchester, and, I thought that today I would talk to you all about it.

If you don't know who Adore Delano is? Then where have you been for the past few years?! Adore Delano (Danny Noriega) is a drag entertainer, who first got caught the people's eye via the American talent show, American Idol as Danny. Some years later, Danny grabbed the worlds attention, via, participating in Season Six of RuPauls Drag Race, as Adore Delano. Adore Delano is a drag performer who bases their aesthetic on the punk and grunge movements, and from other aspects of pop culture.

A white rectangular screen with a picture of a blue haired person wearing a black dress with adore delano in white font in a black rectangular strip with a pizza me in red font with a dark square dark brown stage with a woman wearing blonde hair and black jeans with a white jacket on a dark background

Myself and my friend Alex, decided to go to the A Pizza Me tour, as I relate to a lot of Danny and Adore's views on the world and I love Adore's aesthetic and the grunge/punk movement. I was already in Manchester that weekend, to see Panic! At The Disco (read that post here), so it made sense to make the weekend even better by going to see Adore the day after.

We got to the venue and made our way to the balcony to watch the show. The venue increased the excitement for the show via playing songs from other Drag Race alumni and adverts for shows that were coming up from other drag entertainers.

The show started off with a pre show by Victoria Secret, a drag entertainer from Dublin. They started off the night via telling stories and antics and even included a mix of songs based off the story of Nadine Coyle, from lying via her age to get onto an Irish talent show to being a part of one of the UK's biggest airl groups.

After this, Victoria encouraged four of Adore's fans to get onto the stage for a lip sync to win some Adore merchandise. Even though the lip sync became a dance off, it was still amazing to see people get into the groove of things.

When Adore came to the stage, they started off the show with a rendition of, Britney Spears' top hit 'Piece Of Me'. This mixed with the fact that Adore loves Pizza creates the title of the tour. The rendition was amazing and raw. A perfect way to describe the full show. Adore carried on with more songs, played via just two instruments, their voice and a guitar. After some conversations about her life and past, and a couple of songs, a Q&A session happened. Adore answered questions in relation to, Drag Race, All Stars, the punk movement, favourite songs and artists and much more. Adore even makes references to such TV shows via, adlibing during one of the songs they perform within the set to, 'I don't belong here anymore, All Stars.' They also talk about that its their first tour since sobriety and talks frankly about it during the set.

One of the best highlights throughout the show, was when Adore sang, Cher's infamous track, 'Believe'. Not only did Adore perform it with poise and class, but she explained that it was one of her late Dads favourite song, which meant that you could tell that Adore was pouring all of their feelings into the song and everyone in the room could tell this. I loved the slow acoustic version of it compared to the electronic anthem that we all know and love. All in all, I adored the A Pizza Me show at Manchester, and wish that I could have about five pieces more of Adore, because, I'm greedy like that.

Did you attend the A Pizza Me tour? Let me know down below! Do you have a favourite song from Adore? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Making The Scent Of Dada That Little Bit Better | Lush Fathers Day Range 2019

Hey everyone!

How are you?

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Lush have released their Fathers Day range, and, I thought that today I would talk to you all about it.

Bath Bombs:

Dear John

New for this year. Lush have released a Bath Bomb scented with Coriander Seed, Vetivert Oil and many more good smelling ingredients. This product has a blue spots on the top and is white everywhere else. This means, that the white creates a thick foam on the top of your bath, and, then the blue slowly comes exploding out like ink out of an exploding pen. £4.95.

A selection of spherical white bath bombs with blue dots on the top next to a black rectangular card that sats Dear John bath bomb in white casual font on a rectangular brown shelf on a bright background

Crazy Train

Choo Choo, climb aboard onto the Crazy Train! This bath bomb is what exactly it says it is. This is a great one for those who loves trains. It definitely makes a fun and interesting product to use in the water! This product contains Red Sicilian Grapefruit, Orange Flower Absolute and many other zesty oils! If you love your bath products to be more on the citrus side, then, you will definitely love this one! £5.50.

A pink and light blue train shaped bath bomb with circular wheels at the bottom and a rectangular spout at the top on a white background

Bubble Bars


Pop goes the weasel in the bath! Inspired by pop art that was made famous via Andy Warhol, this bubble bar looks like pop art, but also, pops and creates art in the bath! Popping Candy ensures that the bubbles pop when foaming up under the water. Buchu and Sicilian Lemon Oils ensure that this product is uplifting and zesty. If you like the Snowman/Carrots range, then you will love this! £4.95.

A yellow spiky bath bomb with red font saying Pop in bubble writing on a large light brown wooden shelf with a rectangular portrait black card saying pop bubble bar in white casual font on a bright background

Shower Gels

Dear John

Some people love baths, and, others love Showers and that's absolutely fine! Lush have released a Shower Gel with the beloved Dear John fragrance for Fathers Day. You can either get it in liquid or solid form. Solid means that you help to reduce the amount of plastic that is wasted and destroyed within the world. This product also contains Coriander Seed and Vetivert Oils. (I'm actually in the midst of writing a review of this product, so keep your eyes out for that.) Liquid: starts from £6.50 for a §00g bottle. Naked: £11.50.

A circular puddle of purple shower gel with specks of light blue on a bright white background


Dear John Coffee Shampoo

Do you need a pick me up when it comes to washing your hair? Well, Lush have got your sorted! This new Coffee inspired Dear John Solid Seampoo helps to awaken your mind and your head. It actually contains Ground Coffee and Clove Infusion which help to scrub at the scalp to ensure it's clean and Aloe Vera to help soothe. Solid shampoo's are great for travelling too! £7.50.

A solid circular purple and brown puck of shampoo with dark brown coffee beans embedded into it on a white bright background


Dear John

I absolutely adore this fragrance. Dear John was the fragrance, that myself and Michelle, bonded over. This fragrance is the epitome of Dear John. In my opinion, I think that the scent is stronger in this than any other Dear John product. I do kind of think that this should be out in many other forms, than, the 30ml fragrance. I do miss this scent in a Body Spray. £25 for 30ml.

A rectangular glass clear bottle containing dark yellow liquid with a rectangular black label saying Dear John in white font in a pale hand on a bright background

There are also a selection of gifts including a Dear John Gift Set. This contains a Fragrance, a Bath Bomb, a bottle of Shower Gel and a Shampoo Bar. £40.

A big blue rectangular box with a circular blue purple label with Dear John in blue with a circular purple shampoo bar with brown circular coffee beans embedded, a cylindrical bottle with purple liquid with a black label saying Dear John shower gel in white font, a spherical white bath bomb with blue spot on the top and a rectangular glass bottle of the perfume on a bright background

Have you tried any of the new Fathers Day products at Lush? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

Monday, 20 May 2019

Having High Hopes & Celebrating The Death Of A Bachelor | Panic! At The Disco's Pray For The Wicked Tour At Manchester Arena

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to see Panic! At The Disco, a while ago, and, I thought that I would talk to you all about the great time that I had at the gig.

If you haven't heard of Panic! before, then let me tell you a little bit about them. Panic! At The Disco is a Pop-Rock/Pop-punk based band that started out in the early 2000's with the help from fellow Pop-punk band, Fall Out Boy. The band has been a vehicle for. lead singer, Brendon Urie, to experiment with different genres within different albums. Most of the public may know the band for their infamous tracks, such as, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Nine In The Afternoon, and, Emperors New Clothes

A blue-purple circle with a triangle in the middle with circles and curves on the outiside to mimic P, !, A, T, D, on a black rectangular stage on a dark background

Myself and my very good friend, Abbey, have a good habit of buying tickets for ourselves and the other friend, and then randomly telling the other one that we will be going to the aforementioned show within the future. So, when I saw that Panic! At The Disco had released tickets for their 'Pray For The Wicked' Tour, I knew that I had to have them, and twenty minutes later, I had booked the tickets and messaged Abbey that we were going.

Now onto the day itself. 

I met Abbey on the train to Manchester. We nattered and joked about all the tunnels that we had to go through during the journey. (I had decided to name them every time we went through one. Gladys was a good tunnel to go through...)

We arrived at Manchester Victoria, and met up with my good friend Alex. The group of ragamuffins (myself, Abbey, and, Alex) decided to kill some time, so we decided to venture to the Lush Naked store that sells non packaged products. (If you haven't checked out the store, and you're near Manchester, then you should!) After picking up every other product and sniffing it, we decided to slowly make our way to the Arndale Food Court. As Alex has only had Taco Bell once, and well, me and Abbey normally end up getting Taco Bell before every show we see in Manchester, it made sense to get, well, Taco Bell.

A picture of a person in a red and black checked shirt with a black leather jacket wearing a hat which says, 'I'm not sorry about your fragile masculinity' in bold white font with a girl with purple long hair wearing a black top on a bright background

We nattered for a bit and then waited in Manchester Victoria for a bit, to wait for mine and Alex's good friend Jim, especially as Manchester Arena is located directly next to the station. We waited for Jims arrival, then catched up and chatted about all sorts for a while, before saying goodby to Jim and Alex and making our way to the queue line for the show.

We weaved our way through the several large metal barriers, and, made our way into the venue. Thank goodness, that I had booked seated tickets, because after that queue alone, I didn't have the energy to stand up for the duration of the show. Abbey eventually found the seats, and we then chatted until the two support acts came on.

Sadly, I don't remember the name of the first support act, but Mø was the second supporting act, and, they were fabulous. Mø is a Danish singer and songwriter. Their music is mainly electro pop. This genre of music definitely built the anticipation for Panic! up via the fast beats. Mø, themselves also built the audience up via engaging with them before the end of their act. One of the songs that I especially loved from Mø set, was, Red Wine (ft Empress Of), from their album, Forever Neverland. \

The performance by Panic! started. It was amazing. A collection of the bands greatest and newest hits from the album, Pray For The Wicked were performed. They dedicated a few of the songs to the lives that were lost at the Ariana Grande performance at Manchester Arena. Brendon interacted with some of the audience that were standing at the bottom of the stage, which was quite nice, as sometimes artists don't do this. Panic! even played their cover of The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman. The vocals were completely live, with moments of, Brendon reaching notes that are higher than any of my aspirations within life. All in all, it was an amazing show and I loved every second of it.

Have you been to any music events lately? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Friday, 17 May 2019

Pulling The Pig Off The Lead & Into My Sandwich | Northern Soul Manchester

Hey everyone!

How are you doing today? (Let me know down below!) I've had a slight break due to University, but halleloo, I'm back!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I'd talk to you all about some amazing food that I had in Manchester a while ago!

A large squared triangle light brown shop with northern soul in bright yellow font with light brown chairs and circular tables on a bright background

Northern Soul is the first ever Grilled Cheese restaurant within the UK. Based in Manchester, Northern Soul create a mixture of gorgeous grilled cheeses, pasta dishes and everything in between.

I was in Manchester with a friend, and, I thought that I would try out Northern Soul, after hearing so many rave reviews and general good words about them.

We walked in, perused the menu and decided on a selection of products on the menu to try. I was uhming and aching about getting the Deep Fried Pickles, I should've got them and I didn't. I regret that to this day.)

The first dish that we had decided to get was 'Pig On A Lead'. This is a Mac & Cheese Grilled Sandwich with Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce. I loved this sandwich. Not only were there a mixture of textures from the smooth BBQ sauce, to the squidgy Macaroni, to the crispiness of the sandwiches exterior, but a mix of flavours too. The smoky BBQ sauce cut through the creaminess of the Mac and Cheese that made up most of this sandwich. This was great, but then after a couple of bites, bam! The BBQ and meat come through and just make it such a gorgeous sandwich to eat.

A triangular golden brown sandwich filled with white cheese, crest shaped white pasta  and dark brown pieces of pork with a dark brown bbq sauce on a bright background

The second sandwich that I tried, was the, Chorizo and Chilli Jam. First of all, I love Chorizo. I love Chorizo on anything. I could happily munch on it, on it's own all day long! I loved the warmth and spice from both the Chorizo and the Chilli Jam against the richness of the Cheese that was within the sandwich. I also loved the small bits of Chilli and Garlic within the sandwich against the bigger chunks of Chorizo. It was amazing and I think that this one would be great to have on a cold day within England.

A golden brown triangular sandwich filled with white cheese, red chilli jam and circular pieces of brown chorizo on a bright background

I also tried some of their famous Mac and Cheese on it's own. You can't have a Mac and Cheese Grilled Sandwich and not try the Mac and Cheese on it's own! The Macaroni was perfectly al dente, soft, but not too soft. It kept the whole dish from just having one texture throughout. The sauce wasn't  too cheesy, but, you could still tell that there were a good amount of Cheese within the dish. I think that the pot on the own would be fab on its own late at night or maybe after a long night out, the day after.

Northern Soul has to be one of the best casual dining experiences that I have had in a while. Even if me and lactose don't get on all the time, then, I know that when it does I can travel to Northern Soul and have the best Grilled Cheese that there is!

Have you tried Northern Soul? Let me know your opinions down below! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Up For A Banh-ing Good Time? | Banh And Mee Leeds

Hey everyone! 

How are you doing? Good? Bad? Let me know down below! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I went and tried Banh Mi's for the first time the other week, so I thought that today, I would talk to you all about my experience of trying it for the first time!

Mylinh and Sengy run the street café together and serve traditional family recipes with a modern Yorkshire twist. They offer simple, fresh and authentic food, bringing vibrant culture of Vietnamese street food, from the streets of Hanoi to the streets of Leeds.

I wandered down to the wonderful Kirkgate Market. Kirkgate Market has some great and quirky stalls, which when mixed with great architectural features, makes it a great place to go and have a wander in. I slowly made my way through the building, weaving in and out of stalls until I found the one that I was looking for.

Banh and Mee have a selection of Vietnamese food, ranging from bowls of pho, to banh mis and everything in between. Me and my friend, decided to go for a BBQ Pork and Chicken and Lemongrass Banh Mi's. We nearly decided to go for a Mama Tran's Homemade Tofu Banh Mi, just for the name alone, but maybe next time, eh?

The BBQ Pork was to die for. The texture of the smooth, near silky, piece of Pork against the thick BBQ reduced sauce and the crunchy bread that the Banh Mi came in was to die for. The depth of the BBQ sauce was delicious. The sweetness was cut through with acidity and a slight bit of heat. This on it's own was enough to fill you up for Lunch but I definitely wouldn't walk and eat with it.

A long oval golden brown baguette filled with rectangular pieces od dark pork with a selection of brightly coloured vegetables on a black rectangular tray on a light brown rectangular table on a bright background

The Chicken and Lemongrass was also to die for. I love anything with Lemongrass in, from bath bombs and perfumes, to, food and cocktails. The Chicken was perfectly cooked. Seared and cooked, but still umptuous and succulent in the middle. The Lemongrass added a hint of deep Citrus that went well with Chicken. The sort of salad that was with it added tang, and the bread added a crunch against the softness of the filling. Just lovely.

A long oval golden brown baguette filled with square pieces of white chicken with a selection of brightly coloured vegetables on a black rectangular tray on a light brown rectangular table on a bright background

Have you been to Banh & Mee? Do I need to try anything else from their menu? Do I need to try any of the other vendors at Kirkgate Market? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x 

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Poking The Palette & Trying Something New | Oke Poke Manchester

Hey everyone! 

How are you? Are you enjoying the weather at the moment? Let me know down below! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Manchester a while ago, and, tried Poké, so I thought that I would talk about my experience with it today.

Poké (poh-kay) is a traditional Hawaiian street food that is a healthy alternative to western fast food. It’s normally a combination of diced raw fish, vegetables and various other mix-ins. Poké in Hawaiian translates as ‘chunk’. It has been compared to a deconstructed sushi bowl, with hints of Asian flavours which creates a unique, healthy and soulful alternative to an everyday salad.

I was in Manchester a while ago, with Alex & Jake. We had ventured into Manchester for a good catch up, and, to defeat and conquer the Doctor Who Escape Room at Escape Hunt. (More details shall be explained in a post very soon.) After conquering the game, we decided to head to Oké Poké.

This business has a cosy yet casual aesthetic with vibes of Hawaii. The aesthetic on it's own makes you feel like a part of something bigger with being able to see everything being made before your eyes. It's something that you can rarely do when eating out at an established restaurant.

I didn't get a photo sadly of my dish, so I am using the photo of Alex's throughout this post. 

A large blue and white circular bowl filled with white rice, pieces of light brown chicken and a selection of colourful vegetables in a light clear sauce on a large light brown rectangular table on a white background

You can either get a Poké bowl or a Pokérito. (It's exactly what you think it is, imagine an amazing Hawaiian influenced Burrito.) I decided to just go for a normal bowl. The great thing about this establishment, is that, you can either choose a already created bowl, or, you can create your own. I decided to have all the fun in the world and create my own!

When choosing your own, you have the decision of, choosing your rice, protein, three toppings, garnishes and a sauce. I decided to go for, Black Rice, Free Range Chicken, Pineapple, Spring Onion, and, Avocado, Coriander, Pickled Ginger, and, Teriyaki Sauce.

I loved the colour of the black rice against the wonderful pop of colours from the Pineapple, Spring Onions and Avocado. The Chicken was seared on the outside and succulent on the inside. I loved this, as sometimes, restaurants have a tendency on overcooking Chicken. I loved the contrast of the crunchy Spring Onions against the clay smoothness of the Avocado. (I rarely eat Avocados, so I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to be a stereotypical 'millennial'.) I love Coriander, I can eat it by the bundle, but the pepperiness of this against the sweetness of the Pineapple was to die for. The Teriyaki sauce added flavour to the Avocado. but also mellowed out the burn of the Onion. All in all a great dish, and definitely one to have with friends as you can all come back to the table and talk to each other about what you chose.

Have you been to Oké Poké before? Let me know down below? Where should I go and eat next? Let me know down below! 

Click here to check out Jake 
Click here to check out Alex 
Click here to check out Oké Poké. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back next time for another post!

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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Getting Down & Dirty With The Bartenders | Jake's Bar & Still Room

Hey everyone!

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I kindly got invited to try out the new and marvellous menu at the wonder Jake's Bar & Still Room, so I thought that I would talk to you all about that today.

Jake’s Bar has long been renowned for the quality and selection of their cocktails and mixed drinks.
Jakes also have a renowned Still room which  create our own unique range of spirits and liqueurs: The Distilled Spirit of Leeds. A constantly changing selection of potent potables distilled and blended by Jakes talented in house team. The range is regularly changed to reflect the changing flora and flavours of the seasons.

Two large cylindrical glasses containing red and yellow drinks, one topped with a semicircular green wedge of lime and one with a yellow semicircular piece of lemon between a triangular black paper menu on a large circular light brown wooden table on a dark background

I brought my friend, Ben, along to the launch. (If you want to find out more about Ben and his work with VOLATILITY then click here.) We walked down the grand staircase, and, entered the beautifully decorated bar. We chatted to a few of the staff and PR team who had invited us, and then was asked about our favourite liquors. Once we had mentioned our favourite spirits to drink, the bartender in question suggested a drink or two that they had created themselves, for myself and Ben to try.

The basis for Jake's new menu, is, to showcase the wonderful bartenders that work at Jake's Bar and Still Room, and their wonderful drink creating skills. Each Bartender has a section of the menu with a selection of their own drinks. Each section also comes with a little snippet about the bartender, so you can get to know them that little bit more.

Now sadly, I'm not fully sure of the spirits that are involved within the drink, so I'm going to go off on what I think is in there. If I can somehow get hold of what's in each drink, then, I will update the post.

I first tried the Rum Punch. This tasted amazing. Dark spicy Rum mixed with bright and refreshing Citrus fruits. I think rhat this will be an amazing drink for when the weather gets warmer. I always love anything with Rum so this went down a treat. Ben enjoyed a delicious Strawberry Daiquiri. He loved the sweetness of the Strawberries against the sourness of the Lime.

ƒA tall clear cylindrical glass filled with a yellow cocktail with a thin black cylindrical straw with a clear tall cylindrical glass filled with red cocktail with a thin black cylindrical straw on a round light brown wooden table on a dark background

After this, I tried a version of a Bloody Mary that was a little bit sweeter. It also came with a Pickle. I love Pickles. Honestly, I could have Pickles with anything. I honestly loved this. I sometimes find that the problem with Bloody Mary's are that they end up being so sour that you can't taste anything by the second gulp. This one was very different, it ensured that the Tomato came out with still a hint of sourness with the Vodka in there. Ben enjoyed a Rhubarb and Custard. He loved this drink. He liked that it all melded together, and, that the creaminess of the drink cut against the sourness. He was also intrigued on how the bartender had gotten the sweets to stick onto the glass.

We chatted for a while about all things weather and politics. After this, Ben sadly had to get home, so we said our thanks and headed off. I am definitely going back to try the rest of the menu when I can, and, hopefully get to chat to the other bartenders!

Have you been to Jakes Bar and Still Room before? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post! I hope that you come back next time for another blog post!
Thanks for reading! 
Jamƒie x 

I received drinks in return for writing this post. All views, ramblings and opinions are completely my own. 

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Peeking Into Harajuku | Lush Harajuku Exclusives First Impression

Hey everyone!

How are you? Is everything going good? Let me know down below!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Manchester last week and popped into the wonderful Lush Arndale. When I arrived, I noticed that they had a fair new products out to commemorate the 30th Birthday of the Bath Bomb, so I thought that I would tell you what Bath Bombs they had in today's post. (If you wanna read about my last Lush post, then, click here.)

A tall rectangular portraitt black board with We Run The World in bright white casual font next to a large light brown table containing seven different coloured spherical bath bombs on a bright background


Kitsune refers to a Fox in Japanese culture. They are also known to be intelligent beings with paranormal skills that mature with age. This bath bomb looks amazing and smells divine. The scent consists of Sicillian Lemon and Patchouli. The Lemon will help to refresh your mind and help you feel awake, whereas the Patchouli will help recharge you. The Lemon is definitely the more prominent smell, as it takes a couple of sniffs to realise that there is Patchouli in there.

A line of bright yellow semi spherical bath bombs with ridges all over it on a large rectangular light brown table with a portrait standing black rectangular board with Kitsune in white casual font on a bright background

Groovy Kind Of Love

It's groovy baby! This Bath Bomb contains, Rosewood, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. I expected it to be very floral, just from this description, but that's not the case. This bomb has a sort of flowery essence to it with a sort of deep pepper note going on. Floral and Pepper sounds weird, I know, but stay with me. When you sniff it, you get the powdery floral-ness of the Ylang Ylang and the Rosewood. That's expected. However, on the second sniff, you get the deep Pepper note from the Bergamot.

A selection of pink and purple spherical bath bombs with ridges all over them on a wide light brown rectangular shelf with a black board saying Groovy Kind of Love in white casual font on a bright background


All of the new bath bombs have come from the bath bomb only store in Harajuku, Japan, so it makes sense to talk about the self-titled Bath Bomb. Harajuku contains Brazilian Orange Oil, Benzoin Resinoid and Vanilla Absolute. The best way that I can explain this scent, is, Bubblegum. By Bubblegum, I don't mean Snow Fairy. I mean pure unfiltered Bubblegum. The stripes of colour, instantly make me think that this will be an amazing one for the water! I like this one but I think it's an one in a while bomb for me.

A selection of pink and yellow spherical bath bombs on a wide light brown rectangular shelf with a black rectangular board saying harajuku in white font on a bright background

Turmeric Latte

Oh my god. This bath bomb. Go and smell it if you can. Turmeric Latte contains, Tonka Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid, Vanilla Absolute, Turmeric Powder, and, Coconut Milk Powder. The Bath Bomb smells spicy but sweet. It reminds me of the Viktor and Rolf fragrance 'Spicebomb.' I just love it. It's sweet enough to be used in the Summer but spicy enough to use in the Winter. I actually bought one of these to use in the bath at the hotel I was staying in, but  sadly I didn't have time to use it.

A selection of a mix of orange and yellow spherical bath bombs with patterns all over on a large wide rectangular light brown shelf with a black rectangular board saying Turmeric Latte on a bright background


Mint Aero Bubbles in a Bath Bomb form? Who would've thought it?! This bomb contains Almond Oil, Cocoa Powder, and, Spearmint Oil, When I sniffed this, I mainly got the Spearmint with a hint of Cocoa. I think that the Almond is mainly more there to make the bomb a little bit sweet. I think that this would be a great one to use for sore muscles, or for a morning bath. (Morning baths are amazing, especially at the weekend!)

A group of bright pastel green spherical bath bombs on a large wide rectangular light brown shelf with a black board saying Chocomint in white font on a bright background


Who doesn't love a volcano? Magma is here to make all of our hearts rupture with joy! This bomb contains Ginger Powder, Mustard Powder, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Peppermint Oil and Popping Candy. If you've ever smelt Wiccy Magic Muscles, then it's on the same lines as that. I love this one as it's spicy and just great for when you need a hot bath. I love anything with Cinnamon in so I knew that I would love this instantly from the first sniff. The popping candy is mainly more there for sound aesthetics, as it helps the bath bomb to sound like a rupturing Volcano.

A selection of bright red spherical bath bombs with yellow crack patterns all over on a wide light brown rectangular shelf with a black board saying magma on white font on a bright background

Moon Spell

Moon Spell is a very different sort of bomb. It comes in two parts, and when you push them together in the water, it makes the bath glow with delight. This product contains just Brazillian Orange Oil. It's deep but citrus and I love it.

A selection of bright pink and purple spherical bath bombs on a large light brown rectangular shelf with a black rectangular board saying Moon Spell in white font on a bright background

Have you tried any of the bath bombs mentioned in this post? Have you checked out your local Lush to check what new and exclusive products are there? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x