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Have A Break and Be The Inventor For Once! | KitKat Chocolatory Bars Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post! I've been gone a while. due, to writing a ten thousand word dissertation. As we all know, we are in hard times at the moment. I thought, that, I would create some content to hopefully help you all escape the problems that we are all going through for a good five minutes.

On that note, I thought that today, I would talk to you all about KitKats. Yes, you heard right. These aren't any ordinary KitKats though! These are weird and whacky KitKats that the people at KitKat Chocolatory have created.

Two rectangular red boxes with white triangular cartons attached to the ends of the boxes. One says the explorer in black font on a rectangular gold strip and the other says the mixologist in black font on a rectangular gold strip on a bright background

KitKat Chocolatory is a concept brought to you by the wonderful people at KitKat. You get to make your own KitKats from a plethora of combinations. This concept was at York Chocolate Factory, but it might now be at John Lewis at their Oxford Street branch. Don't take my word for it though, as that's only what I have seen on the internet. Along with this create your own concept, KitKat Chocolatory have also created some innovative and interesting bars that you can also get at the Factory or John Lewis. I got mine from my local John Lewis a few weeks ago. They do a mixture of singular bars which come with six fingers, or a multipack of two different bars. I decided to get two packs of the multipacks to enjoy as many flavours as I could possibly get my hands on.

The Explorer: 

'A pack of 12 crispy wafer fingers covered in chocolate. The pack contains six KitKat Springtime in Japan wafer fingers with a cherry-flavoured and apple filling covered in high-quality Ruby couverture chocolate, as well as six Jewels of the East wafer fingers with a pistachio and rose petal filling covered in smooth dark chocolate.' - KitKat Chocolatory.

Two rectangular chocolate bars. One pink with long green thin branches on it and red blobs to look like cherry blossoms on it and one brown with with punk and green bits all over it on a bright background

Springtime In Japan:

The bar looks magnificent even before you've tried it. On the front, it looks like your traditional KitKat but on the back, it looks like a magnificent art piece. The back resembles a Cherry Blossom with blasts of red and green running through the bar. The reasoning of this is due to Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) normally come into full bloom during the Spring.

The Cherry comes through instantly when you bite into a finger of this delicious delight. The Cherry is a sort of less intense Sour Cherry flavour which cuts through some of the milkiness of the Chocolate. After this, your mouth gets an intense textural contrast, via, the smoothness of the chocolate, the crispiness of the wafer, and the chewiness of the Apple pieces. Last but not least, the fruitiness of the Ruby Chocolate comes blaring through. The Berry sort of hint from the Ruby Chocolate makes you realise how elevated of a KitKat this is.

I honestly hope that KitKat, well KitKat UK bring this out as a permanent within the future. I think that it would be a great Spring product in the UK, as most Spring time sweet things are based on Strawberries and Cream, therefore this would be a fresh stand out against all of that.

Jewels Of The East: 

I liked this one, but I also had a problem with it.

I love Pistachios. I love the flavour they bring and the texture. So. it was great to have a different texture within the KitKat. I love the texture of the wafer. but having that little bit extra crunch just made the chocolate bar that little bit better. I love the sort of fresh nut flavour that the Pistachios brought, as it cut against the slight bitterness of the Dark Chocolate.

Sadly, my problems included the Rose Petal element of the bar. I love Rose anything. I love the taste of Rose in things, and I love the slight sweet floral scent that Rose brings to a lot of things, Saying this, the petals didn't really add much to the bar, except aesthetics. They just didn't add anything and it was a bit of a shame. I think that having Rose Oil within the bar might have been a bit better.

The Mixologist 

Two dark brown rectangular chocolate bars, one with light golden circular pieces all over it and one with orange bits all over it on a bright background

'A pack of 12 crispy wafer fingers covered in chocolate. The pack contains six KitKat Whisky & Ginger wafer fingers with a whisky flavour and ginger filling covered in dark chocolate, as well as six Zingtastic Gin & Tonic wafer fingers with a gin and tonic flavour caramel filling (made with sugar and sweetener) covered in milk chocolate.' - KitKat Chocolatory. 

Zingtastic Gin & Tonic: 

I'm not the biggest fan of Gin and Tonic, but these are pretty fantastic. The Caramel is slightly crunchy which gives a different textural element to the bar. The Gin and Tonic flavour isn't too full on that you only can have one, but its not too subtle that you're looking for the flavour for a good five minutes after you've eaten a finger. I'd definitely have these again.

Whiskey & Ginger: 

Okay, so I'm already going in with a bit of a bias, due to loving both Whiskey and Ginger. I love this one. When you bite into it, the Whiskey instantly hits you, but after a minute or so, the Ginger punches through and stays there for the rest of the flavour experience. I love the taste of Whiskey and Ginger and Dark Chocolate as the Ginger kind of cuts through the Dark Chocolate slightly and the Whiskey gives you a hit that you weren't expecting.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite flavour of KitKat to date? Are you a two finger, a four finger, or a chunky sort of person? Let me know down below!

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Jamie x

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Being The Smartest Of The Bunch | Smarties Buttons Review

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought, that today, I would talk to you all about the new Smarties Buttons that Nestle have recently brought to the public market.

What are Smarties Buttons, I hear you ask. Well according to the production description that is on every bag of the buttons, it says that they are, 'Milk Chocolate pieces with mini Smarties inclusions (24%) (milk chocolate in a crisp sugar shell). They do come in a variety of flavours. The Smarties Buttons come in either, Milk, White or Orange.

A rectangular white pouch with a blue circle with smarties buttons in white font on a bright background

When I went to my local supermarket to hunt these down. Yes, I did say hunt, as they were out of stock for the first couple of days. Anyways, when I got to my local store, I couldn't find the Orange variety sadly, so I've only tried the Milk and White versions. If you've tried the Orange version then please do let me know your thoughts down below!

The Milk Chocolate ones were amazing. I actually took them with me to enjoy alongside, the screening of, Kinky boots which I saw at the cinema (comment down below if you've seen Kinky Boots and your opinion of it). I loved them. The texture difference between the smooth thick chocolate and the crisp sharpness of the Smarties themselves. I love the sort of sugary freshness against the slightly sweet chocolate too. I get that this sounds ridiculous, but do you ever havee something that is more sweet on top of sweet? Like a trifle, for example? The custard and cream on a trifle are both really sweet but they kind of work together to counterbalance each other? its the same with these Smarties Buttons. Incredibly moreish and the fact that they are in a pouch means that you can put them away and save them for whenever you want more. Lets be real though, no one is really going to stop and put them away for another time... Well, I'm not at least.

Obviously, the main difference in the Milk and White Smarties Button, is that the Chocolate base is different, and, I realise that, to some, this might not mean enough to write another paragraph about them, but to me, it does. I'm not the biggest fan, of, White Chocolate. I mean its pretty much made up of Cocoa Butter and Milk, so for a lactose intolerant, its not the best for me. Weirdly though, I really enjoyed the White Chocolate version/ The White Chocolate reminded me of Milkybar, and the Smarties again gave a textural and taste contrast. My main concern with both of these products, is that, the Smarties are kind of only in the middle of the product, which is fine, but means that once you've eaten the middle its just a chocolate button. In my personal opinion, I would prefer the Smarties to be dispersed throughout the Button.

Would I buy these again? Definitely. They're a great pouch to enjoy alongside a film or something like that. I think that they're good for the price, which when I bought them was, £1.50. I also think that they're a great talking point for those who had Smarties play a massive role within their childhood. I love these, and, hopefully I'll get to try the Orange ones soon.

Have you tried these yet? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

I Don't Feel Like I Belong In The LGBTQIA+ Community

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post. This is probably going to be a very rambly post, but, as you can see by the title, I've been thinking about some stuff for a while...

two hands with rainbow colours painted on them on a bright background

(Photo is a stock image from Pexels)

I'm Jamie, I'm a visually impaired queer non-binary person. I realise that doesn't mean a lot to people for those reasons, alone, I don't feel like I fit into the LGBTQIAP+ community that we live in today.

Being Visually Impaired, can be a good and a bad thing. It can be good, because, it shows that even though you have a disability, you can still be yourself. You can still do what you want to in life. It just means that you might have trouble doing some stuff, and, honestly it means that you have a completely different perspective than abled people, because, well your sight loss, no matter at what stage its at, means that you've retrained yourself in someway shape or form to live a true great life. This might be mentally, via the concept of sight loss, or it might be physically by getting used to a cane, or an assistance dog. It might also mean learning accessibility tools such as VoiceOver. Even though it is a disability and society sees that as different, it does include some amazing stuff, but also at the same time, the main bad thing for myself is incorporating myself into the LGBTQIAP+ community that lives in the culture of today.

The LGBTQIAP+ community survives off the notion of socially communicating within bars and clubs. There are many many conversations at the minute going on about how the LGBTQIAP+ community is somewhat problematic via only thriving via bars and using alcohol as the main gateway of communication, but I want to talk more about the location than the actual use of alcohol. Due to the main hub of the LGBTQIAP+ community being based within clubs and bars, this means that most, well honestly nearly all, are based in a darl lighting environment. Thats great for abled/fuflly sighted people as they can do what they want in this lighting, and adds to the ambience, but for me creates a fair amount of problems. It means that going for a gathering or just a simple drink with LGBTQ+ friends, becomes, honestly, a nightmare for me. It means that I go from being able to communicate with most of a community that I love from the bottom of my heart, to a night in a corner where I feel the most loneliest. It feels a bit like a cage. I'm grateful for friends that try to help me when I do go out, but honestly, as most of the community is based in this environment it means that I feel kind of pushed out of the community because well I pretty much can't do anything. If bright lights are taken away for me, this means that I try to focus on hearing to communicate, which is great but most LGBTQIAP+ friendly locations also have loud music going on so I just feel awkward and kind of numb and distant when out. The main ramblings that I'm trying to get at are that because of this, I just don't feel like I can be included even if I try my hardest, because well I'm struggling 10x more than if I'm out with a load of fully sighted, fully abled queer friends. I get that its not their fault, but also because of this, I feel like sometimes they distance themselves because they don't know how to handle or communicate with me due to me not being able to mingle and go off and talk to whoever by myself.

I'd love for this to change, I really do, but I realise that its going to take a lot, because well as shit as this sounds, unless you're visually impaired or disabled, then you don't really take notice of the implications of what being unaccessible truly means. I get that a rambling non sensical blog post won't do that, but I hope that if you read this mess, you just have a think about the community and everything as a whole. I get that buildings and establishments only have so much of a budget, but it would be nice to at least take people into consideration. It would be great if instead of saying you're accessible and it meaning, honestly, fuck all, it means using lifts for what they are and not storage cupboards, brighter lighting, and just understanding how everyday life can be a nightmare for some

I get that non bar based LGBTQIAP+ safe spaces exist. I've been to a fair couple including the amazing, Flamingo Coffee House within Leeds that is amazing, but also, the main two problems is that not everyone knows about them, or, that most LGBTQIAP+ people like to socialise at night which means that such wonderful places are closed. I just honestly, wish there was more accessibility or that the LGBTQIAP+ community as a while, realised that there are problems in place that stop everyone from actually enjoying themselves. The community is based on an ethos of being diverse and equality, but also at the same time, they're pretty much being a contradiction by not catering for those that aren't cis/abled/not what society or even the LGBTQUAP+ community deem as the norm which is kind of sucky at the end of the day.

When people think of the community, mist think about fitting into a tribe. It took a while, but I found mine in Leeds, and, I'm forever grateful. I kind of thought that I fitted into the bear tribe. For anyone who doesn't know what a bear is, urban dictionary defines bear as, 'A hairy and/or large gay man'. I guess this is more to do with body image, but a big problem that I have with the bear tribe within the community, is their constant fixation with body image. They have some other fixations/problems which I'll talk about later in the post but that's for later. When it comes to the notion of body image within the bear community, the notion of being plus sized is celebrated. Thats amazing, I think that we don't have enough celebration for plus sized people as a whole, but they focus on the biggest people. A fair amount of bears that I've followed have focuses on the concept of the bigger the better. Yes, from afar, this is great for body positivity, and that's not my problem, My problem is shunning anyone that isn't the biggest. It makes the whole community problematic. This goes for any part of the LGBTQIAP+ community. I'm too big for certain tribes, and too thin for other tribes, which means that the tribes don;'t really embrace me which then creates this notion of not feeling like I belong in the community in my head. I kind of hate it. It just defeats the point of actually being body positivite and kind of shows how problematic some people and some tribes within the LGBTQUAP+ community can be. I get that it might be a mental and personal thing to me, but it just makes interacting with people sometimes pointless, because you know that at the drop of a hat, they won't care because someone bigger will have come along... I don't really know how to explain it, but it just screams toxic to me, know? The community as I've said is about equality and whatnot and you're pretty much pitting people against each other to be bigger to get your attention and affection, and, for what, so you can drool over them? It's just, its stupid in my opinion. I already feel ugly on days about myself, and, then to just have it completely certified by people that I thought I was close to or that I know of by not wanting to talk to me in any way shape or form, because, well im not for them, just makes it ten times worse. Its honestly, why id rather just stick to myself sometimes. I get that, this sounds kind of 'antisocial' but it works for my mental health sometimes.

Following on from this, the LGBTQIAP+ community has a heavily influence of sex and honestly, I'm not really the biggest fan over it. I don't really grasp or like the concept of having everything boil down to a tap or pass. I get that the community also rely on specific dating apps to communicate and to get know people. I get that, but let's be real. dating apps are literally there for people to send random pictures of their junk. I realise this sounds bad and almost grumpy grandpa like, but I'd like to at least have a conversation before I randomly get sent stuff like that. I'm just sick of this societal norm, of, not even wanting to get to know someone yet the person who doesn't want to know you waits five minutes and then sends you a flood of pictures that you don't really want. It just makes me feel out of the community as a whole. Following on from this, the whole notion of being thirsty is a weird one that I'm not really in the loop of. I get the concept of being thirsty, but when it gets to the point of where all your social media is, is people being thirsty of everything and everyone then it just makes you feel weird and honestly depressed. It makes you feel like garbage because you can see everyone 'thirsting over everyone' and then you're in the corner thinking, the thirst for me is when I get to actually know someone. I realise that sounds cheesy but that's how my brain works. I'm sick of this whole concept of being so quick and straight to the point that we almost miss out actually feeling anything. I just don't get why sex has to be the main pivotal concept for us to all bond over. I mean doing this instantly forces people that aren't 'gagging for it' all the time into a sort of shame based box. It also means that we're pretty much excluding a part of the community that don't really care about sex when it comes to attraction which is another problematic point.

Furthermore, being non-bnary, kind of affects the whole concept of 'being thirsty'. It's kind of hard to be thirsty over anyone when your dysphoria is at the worse that it can possibly be. For those that don't know, I've identified as non-binary for many years now, and with that for me, comes with some form of body dysphoria. The fact I feel like I'm in the completely wrong body but at the same time, not feeling like any other body in the world would fix that. I realise it sounds stupid to most, but because I identify as pretty much being something that is outside the norm of being either male or female, it becomes hard to feel like you belong in society or that you belong in the right body at all, so having people around you talk about enjoying other bodies, its hard to get on board with that as a concept when you hate yourself so much in one day, that you just wished that you some form of bodiless voice that has a recurring role on Doctor Who. Again, I get that it sounds silly/stupid to most. I just, I just, I'd rather get to know people and I'd rather to get to know them in some way shape or form before just well objectifying them really. A photo doesn't do much for me anyways because well the whole vision thing and because I analyse most of my life, I instantly go into analysing the photo itself.

My final very rambly sort of point, goes back to the bear tribe to an extent. The bear tribe, well certain people within the tribe, can be very iffy when it comes to non-binary people which makes me feel even more eradicated from the community as a whole. I've had bears tell me that I'm not a real person, that I don't belong to be a part of the bear community and honestly worse things and it just makes me feel like I don't belong in this community as a while because I don't exactly fit in what they want when it comes to the bear tribe and it just sucks sometimes. Most do and I love that, I love how most embrace and accept but still its just sometimes those people can make you feel completely worthless in somewhere where society says you should feel welcome and comfortable within. I've also had people say that they're interested in me because of being non binary and that itself is problematic as well. I hate the concept of a chaser. Honestly, don't hunt me down because it's exotic and different in your opinion is kind of disgusting. Get to know people, instead of pretending to be interested in them romantically just so its something you can tick off a list.

Sorry that this is a rambly mess, and, I hope you can take something away from this, or that the LGBTQIAP+ community as a whole can discuss this openly.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x 

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Spraying The Joy Of Life All Over Me | Lush Body Sprays 2020 First Impressions

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new post! Lush released some new Body Sprays recently. As I am a big Lushie, I thought that it would be good to talk to you all, about my, first impressions of these new Body Sprays.

Notice: These are my first impressions, and, not a proper review. If you've tried any of these sprays for longer than a day, then, please let me know your opinions of them down below.

A collection of black spray bottles on rectangular flat shelves of a golden brown rectangular wardrobe on a bright background

A collection of black spray bottles on rectangular flat shelves of a golden brown rectangular wardrobe on a bright background

Avocado Co-Wash 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Litsea Cubeba Oil Bergamot Oil Olibanum Oil Amyl Cinnamal *Benzyl Cinnamate *Cinnamal *Cinnamyl Alcohol *Citral *Citronellol *Geraniol *Limonene *Linalool

I smelt this one in Liverpool in June, and it smelt like the Shower Cream/Hair product. Very creamy, with a hint of Lime, like Key Lime Pie. When I sprayed this, it smelt completely different to what I had smelt before. Whereas, the old version had hints of Avocado Co-Wash, from the beginning, this reminds me slightly more of Avobath at the beginning. When it settles down, that sprightly hint of citrus still shines through quite a lot, but with it settling, has brought a touch of cream to it.


DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Neroli Oil Sicilian Red Mandarin Oil Vanilla Absolute Orange Flower Absolute *Anise Alcohol *Citral *Coumarin *Farnesol Geraniol *Hydroxycitronellal *Limonene *Linalool

This is a weird one. Just because, it says that it contains Red Mandarin, and, Orange Flower, doesn't mean that it is going to be Citrus based in any way shape or form. If you've smelt the Big Shampoo, then imagine that but in a sprayable from. To me, this smells pretty much, of a, sprightly fresh Violet scent. If you like Lush scents, such as, Kerbside Violet or V, then, you will probably enjoy this Body Spray quite a bit.


DRF Alcohol Perfume Lime Oil Olibanum Oil Neroli Oil Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Benzyl Salicylate *Citral *Farnesol *Geraniol Hydroxycitronellal *Isoeugenol *Limonene *Linalool

Calacas is a very strange one. I kinda like it, but I also don't like it for some reason. I love that when you spray it, the first note that you get is the Lime Oil, which makes it sprightly and zesty. A scent that Lush doesn't do a lot of within Body Sprays/Perfumes, but after about ten mins of wearing it, the Lime faded quite a lot, to the point that all I was smelling was a whiff of a creamy note. This is a bit of a shame, as I would love to smell of Lime with a touch of Sherbet to it all day long.

Coco Loco 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Benzyl Alcohol Brazilian Orange Oil Coriander Seed Oil Lemongrass Oil *Citral *Limonene *Linalool Coumarin

I'm still fully unsure what this scent is meant to be. I've smelt and used the Coco Loco Shower Oil, which smells of Coconut, but this smelt a bit like a mix of Watermelon, Lemon and a whisper of Coconut. I love Coconut scents and Coconut itself, as, I drink Coconut Milk often, but honestly, I was sold on this one instantly like I was with other new Body Sprays.

Flying Fox

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine *Linalool Jasmine Absolute Ylang Ylang Oil Cypress Oil Palmarosa Oil Benzyl Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Salicylate Butylphenyl Methylpropional *Eugenol *Farnesol *Geraniol *Limonene

I quite liked this one, but I can also see this Spray, being a bit like Marmite in the sense of loving or loathing it. The main scent that I got was a mix of floral. If you like scents like Death and Decay, you know, floral with a kick of deep smoke then you will love this one.

Guardian Of The Forest 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Cypress Oil Lime Oil Rosewood Oil Oakmoss Absolute Oakmoss Extract Amyl Cinnamal Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl Benzoate Benzyl Salicylate Cinnamyl Alcohol *Citral Citronellol *Coumarin *Geraniol Hydroxycitronellal *Limonene *Linalool

If you love the Bath Bomb, that has sadly been discontinued, then you will love it. The grassy sort of notes come out in the Body Spray, compared to the Bath Bomb that had more of a grassy and woody note to it. If you like scents such as Grass then you might love this one.

Groovy Kind Of Love 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine *Limonene Rosewood Oil Bergamot Oil Ylang Ylang Oil Benzyl Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Cinnamate *Benzyl Salicylate *Cinnamal *Citral *Farnesol *Geraniol *Isoeugenol *Linalool

The best way to describe this one is Bubblegum with a touch of Lemon. If you rush to buy bottles of Snow Fairy Body Spray at Christmas, but are sick of having to stock up on several bottles at once due to the limited edition of the spray, then this might be a Spray that you'll like. I'd say where Snow Fairy screams in sweetness, so does Groovy, just in a more 'mature' way. I loved this but also think that I'd gravitate to this for when I'm in the sweet scent sort of mood which is not all the time.

Honey I Washed The Kids 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Bergamot Oil Brazilian Orange Oil Amyl Cinnamal Butylphenyl Methylpropional Citronellol *Limonene *Linalool

When spraying this, it doesn't really smell of much to start off with. Once giving it a few moments to settle, it became gorgeous. If you love the sort of Toffee scent that comes with HIWTK, imagine that and then amped up a bit. It lasted on my skin until the next day, and I still loved it then.


DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine *Linalool Ylang Ylang Oil Vetivert Oil Cypress Oil Cedarwood Oil *Hydroxycitronellal *Limonene

Sadly, this was another one of the scents that I dint really enjoy that much. It had a sort of fresh Carpet scent to it which isn't something I really want in a Body Spray sadly. I also didn't get any correspondence, via scent, to the Jungle Hair product, unlike the other sprays. I really wanted to love it too but I just couldn't.

Let The Good Times Roll 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine *Limonene *Linalool

I enjoyed this one. If you love Gourmand/Food based scents then you will love this one. I'm still a bit confused as LTGTR is so close to HIWTK, I didn't personally see the point of releasing both. I'd definitely tell you to smell it and decide for yourself.

Plum Rain 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume *Limonene Glycerine Osmanthus Absolute Petitgrain Oil Sicilian Red Mandarin Oil *Citral *Geraniol *Linalool

Fruity and fresh. This is an amazing scent to have in a Body Spray, and, I love it. I think that this one would be amazing in the Autumn. It's just amazing to me. If you like the Plum Rain Shower Gel then trust me you will love this.


DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Benzyl Alcohol Geranium Oil Brazilian Orange Oil Tonka Absolute *Citronellol *Geraniol *Limonene *Linalool Amyl Cinnamal Citral

Fruity, floral and creamy. Sadly, this is a bit too creamy for me. As I said with the GKOL scent, I don't mind sweet scents every now and again, but I think that this might be a tad too much for me personally. If you love the scent of Yummy Mummy or sort of florally sweet scents then you will probably love this.


DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Sicilian Lemon Oil Butylphenyl Methylpropional Glycerine *Limonene Mimosa Absolute Orange Flower Absolute Jasmine Absolute *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Salicylate *Citral *Eugenol *Farnesol Geraniol *Linalool

The Lime gets lost in this one I think. When I sprayed it, the first thing that I got was the Jasmine and the Mimosa. I didn't think I was going to like it, but I think that its one of those that I would use everyday. You know the sort of scents that are light and breezy but make people ask you what you're wearing as they're getting a little whisper of it when they are near you.

So White 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Bergamot Oil Brazilian Orange Oil Rose Absolute Neroli Oil Orange Flower Absolute Butylphenyl Methylpropional Geraniol *Limonene *Linalool

Fresh and vibrant. When I sprayed this one, I got a big whiff of fresh crisp Apple. I think that this one is amazing but weirdly I don't think I would go towards it unless someone suggested it to me. Does that make sense? I'm not one to instantly gravitate towards Apple scented things but this is on a level of its own.

The Comforter 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Bergamot Oil Cassis Absolute Cypress Oil *Limonene *Linalool

When I sprayed this, I got a sour Blackcurrant note, kind of like the scent of Scrub Scrub Scrub. When I gave it a few moments, I realised that it was slowly becoming more of the sweet Comforter that we all know via the Bubble Bar. I absolutely love this, but I also love anything that is The Comforter scented.

Think Pink 

RF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Lavender Oil Tonka Absolute Vanilla Absolute Neroli Oil *Benzyl Benzoate *Cinnamal *Citral *Coumarin *Geraniol *Limonene *Linalool

Uhm... How do I say this... Uhm... I hated this one! I'm sorry, there's no better way to say it. It smelt horrible. It smelt like burnt rubber. Yeah, sorry. Nah thanks. Nope. Thank you, next. I wanted to like this one, but, I really couldn't.


DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Patchouli Oil Perfume Glycerine Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Oakmoss Absolute Oakmoss Extract *Eugenol *Limonene *Linalool

Smoky and is the main scent that I got from this. Pure Smoke. I kind of liked it but I need to try it longer for a five minute sniff to truly understand what it is like under all of the smoke and murrors.

Turmeric Latte 

RF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Tonka Absolute Benzoin Resinoid Vanilla Absolute *Anise Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate *Cinnamal *Limonene *Linalool Coumarin Eugenol

I need this scent for the rest of my life. I absolutely love it. So, at the beginning the sort of creamy vanilla comes through and then the Turmeric/Spicy notes sort of kick in and oh my god it is amazing. I would wear this all of the time alternating with HIWTK and The Comforter if I could. it just makes my soul warm, which sounds really weird to say. It's not too spicy, and its not too sweet or creamy, which I think is why I love it so much. Give me everything Turmeric Latte scented, please, Lush!

Yoga Bomb 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Cassie Absolute Olibanum Oil Ho Wood Oil Sandalwood Oil  *Benzyl Salicylate *Farnesol *Limonene *Linalool Eugenol Benzyl Benzoate

This one gave me Woody but Citrus vibes. If you imagine being in the middle of the woods, during Summer and then bottling it up, you would get this exact scent.

Yuzu And Cocoa

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine *Limonene Cocoa Absolute Bergamot Oil Grapefruit Oil Tonka Absolute *Citral *Coumarin *Linalool

I know that some think that YAC smells like Chocolate Orange, but this smells more like Coconut to me. YAC is honestly what I thought Coco Loco was going to smell of.

Have you smelt any of the Sprays mentioned today? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Friday, 24 January 2020

Moseying On From The Store | Moser Roth Chocolate From Aldi Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post. How are you doing today? Let me know in the comments below! I thought that, today, I would talk to you all about, some of the Moser Roth Chocolate products, that I tried when I went shoping at Aldi the other week.

None of the products are available on the website, thus, are, in store only from what I've researched. Furthermore, as they're not online, I won't be able to go into as much detail as I do on other posts. I also went to try out the bar that Food Review UK, had tried, but when I arrived at Aldi, that particular flavour disappeared. I was sad, as I love Coffee and Chocolate. Instead, I thought I'd just pick a few bars up and give them all a go. 

A dark brown rectangular chocolate bar with moser Roth in gold font with mousse au chocolate in gold font with sour cherry and chilli in pink font next to two grey rectangular chocolate bars with moser Roth in gold font with dark chocolate 64% single origin Peru with Spanish almonds and Bolivian popped quinoa in white font next to a rose gold chocolate bar with moser Roth in gold font with Caramel Dorê Chocolate with Pecans and Himalyan Pink Salt in white font on a bright background

Moser Roth Private Collection: Mousse Au Chocolat - Sour Cherry & Chilli

This packaging on this product, compared to the other two items that I purchased was different. This product had a more shiny black rectangular packet to it compared to the other two. The next big difference is that, this product wasn't technically a share bar that the other two are. This product had five small bars that could be taken out of the cardboard sleeve individually.

The Chocolate shell of the bar, was Dark Chocolate with a hint of Chilli, whereas the interior was a smooth, sort of, fruit compote filling which consisted mainly of pure Sour Cherry. I loved the textural contrast between the crisp shell and the smooth filling. The taste contrast was amazing, as the Sour Cherry had a bit of sweetness, which cut some of the bitterness of the Dark Chocolate, and the Chilli that came after cut through some of the Sourness of the Cherry. Honestly, even if you don't really enjoy Cherry flavours, that much, I would still encourage you to try it.

Moser Roth Private Collection: Dark Chocolate 64% Single Origin Peru with Spanish Almond & Bolivian Popped Quinoa

As mentioned above in the Sour Cherry review, this packaging has a more dark grey rectangular cardboard sleeve that contains a bar of chocolate in sort of tin foil packaging. Honestly, the packaging reminded me of the bars, from a Swiss Chocolatier, that is known for their Red spherical truffles...

This one had a few problems for me sadly. The Almonds and the Quinoa, which meant that, you couldn't really feel or taste the Almonds, which pretty much meant that this was a Dark Chocolate and Quinoa bar more than anything. I didn't mind the texture of the Quinoa and I get what they were trying to do. I get that Aldi/Moser Roth were going for a sort of Chocolate bar with Popped Rice in it, like the Nestle Crunch bars, but for some reason, the Quinoa wasn't that crunchy so it was more of a nubbly feeling compared to a full popped rice sort of texture. I'm not fully sure why, but, the bar overall had a very big sort of soapy berry sort of flavour going on, and, after trying the bar over a couple of days, I'm still not sure as to why. I'm sadly not sure whether I'd get this one again

Moser Roth Private Collection: Caramel Doré Chocolate with Pecans and Himalayan Pink Salt 

This bar was amazing, but, there could be a few tweaks made. The Pink Salt in particular could be played with a bit. I get it, everyone likes salt in different amounts, but when it comes to Salt and Chocolate, I want to be able to know that there's Salt in my Chocolate. I realise that sounds stupid, but do you know what I mean? Some brands, I'm not stating names, but they don't go enough with the Salt when they've created a Salted Caramel bar and its just a bit meh. The Salt was a bit detectable in this bar, but, it was more of an after taste than anything and if I hadn't;' had read the packet, then, I wouldn't have realised that there was Salt in the bar.

The Chocolate itself, reminded me of Caramac, but with more of a burnt toffee taste. By that I mean that it was kind of sickly sweet caramel, with a bit of a burn to counteract the Sweetness. I loved the sort of burnt aroma in the Chocolate, but if you had too much then it would burn up and maybe make you feel like you had just eaten smoke. The Pecans, I loved as it created a textural difference. Overall, I would have this again, as it is amazing, even with it's flaws, just like most of my friends.

Have you tried any of the above products? Have you tried anything from Moser Roth? Let me know down below!

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Putting All The Plants To The Test | Vegan Fast Food Product Review

Hey everyone!

Welcome to 2020. I thought that today, I would talk to you all, about, my opinion on Veganuary, and my thoughts on some of the Vegan products that have been released due to Veganuary. 

So Veganuary, has been in the media for any and every reason. Ranging from health benefits for joining in and going Vegan for a month, to, ranting TV personalities harping on about it being rubbish and being reluctant to try a Vegan/Plant based item on National TV. I personally think that Veganuary is great. Yes, it might be hard to say, but, its a great way for people to slowly introduce plant based products into their diets. I also love it, as it means, that brands and supermarkets, expand their Vegan ranges thus ensuring that I have more of a choice when it comes to wanting lactose free items without having to go on an adventure to find them.

A large grey rectangular box with 11 herbs and spices in black font with zero chicken in white font on a bright background


KFC announced that they were releasing a Vegan burger that would ensure that Vegans and plant based dieters were able to enjoy the delicious 11 herbs and spices that meat eaters have been enjoying for years. 

'An Original Recipe QUORN™ fillet, coated in our famous 11 Herbs and Spices, in a sesame bun with fresh lettuce and vegan mayo.' (KFC's Website)

The Sesame Bun was a tad dry, the Mayo was great but there wasn't enough of it. The Lettuce added a bit of textural contrast. The burger itself was kind of weird. By weird, what I mean, is that it was pretty dry when tasting it for the first bite, but after applying some Ketchup to the fillet itself, it became unbelievably tender? I loved how tender the fillet was, but I shouldn't have had to apply moisture to it in the form of ketchup to make it tender. The taste however, was amazing from the get go. The herbs and spices came through. in particular, the Pepper came out the most when tasting the fillet on its own. I would definitely get this again if the Fillet itself was tender from the get go. I mean, I still want five even though the fillet wasn't the most tender to begin with. 

A large oval white burger bun with a oval piece of brown meat free chicken with green lectuce in a grey open rectangular box on a bright background


Subway have killed it with Vegan Subs in the past. They released their first Vegan Sub in 2019, and, I loved it. That rich creamy Garlic Aioli was to die for. I'm not saying, that, I'd be fine with it being used on me as massage oil, but, I'm also not saying that I wouldn't be fine with it... Y'know? For 2020, Subway have decided to release a Meatless version, of, their well known Meatball Marinara Sub. 

'Your bread selection filled with our plant based Meatless Meatballs smothered in a rich marinara sauce and topped with vegan cheese.' (Subway UK Website.) 

I love Subway. I love their option of being able to choose what you want.I love their Footlong's as they're filling, and I love their balls, so I was more than intrigued to try the Plant based version. I was going to talk about the Sub as a whole, but it makes more sense to talk about the Meatless Balls, Marinara Sauce and Vegan Cheese. 

Honestly, the Meatless Balls were amazing. They were pretty similar to the normal Meatballs in the form of texture. Slightly crispy on the outside, with a springy interior that is to die for. The only thing that made them different really was the taste. They were a tad on the bland side. If they had a bit of seasoning to them, then they would be perfect. The sauce, was exactly like the Marinara sauce that everyone loves, but, it was kind of thicker. I loved this because, well, I am the messiest eater you will ever meet in your life. The Cheese was amazing. I love Lacto Free/Vegan Cheese. This one melted amazingly. Honestly, I could just eat a mountain of the Vegan Cheese melted all day long. 

A bright golden brown rectangular sandwich filled with spherical dark brown balls and a red sauce on a bright white piece of parchment paper in a green oval basket on a bright brown table on a bright background


A year after the Vegan Sausage Roll took over the UK, Greggs are back with the Vegan Steak Bake. 

'Our new vegan friendly Steak Bake has been designed to mirror some of the original Steak Bake’s classic features, including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry. But, instead we've teamed up with Quorn to wrap it around savoury flavour mycoprotein pieces and diced onions in a rich gravy.' (Greggs Website). 

I need to try this one a couple more times, to fully get a true opinion of it, but from the two times I've tried it, I love it. I love how the pastry is pretty much like the pastry on the rest of the Greggs products, but without any of the animal based products. Sadly the rest of the Bake is a bit hit and miss. 

My main problem, is kind of the name... The product resembles more Vegan Minced Beef and Onion Bake and if they had called it that, then this product would be amazing.. The Quorn was amazing but felt more like grains of Mince when it comes to texture, rather than the big chunks which are in the normal Steak Bake. The taste was amazing and umami, but the main flavour that I picked up on, was, Onion and the sauce was quite thick. I don't know why, but it was pretty much one step away from being Jelly, which is the part that I'm still not sure on. Overall though, a great plant based product from Greggs, and, I will definitely pick it up again. 

A bright golden brown rectangular bake filled with dark brown meat and a dark brown sauce on a bright white packet on a bright background

Burger King 

Okay, so the Rebel Whopper has been in the press for all the controversial reasons lately. I get that some may not want to try this, due, to being made on the same grill as meat based products. Nevertheless though, I am a hungry chubby person who needs to try everything that is new, and, this is new so I had to try it. 

'The indulgent Rebel Whopper® consists of a juicy flame-grilled, 100% plant-based*, sustainably sourced soy patty topped with freshly sliced tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.' (Burger King Website.) 

This was pretty good. It tasted like the Whopper that you can buy at Burger King. My main two problems with this product, are, the rest of the stuff in the burger kind of hide the taste of the plant based patty itself which is mainly why most are buying the product, and, that the patty itself is pretty soft which means that the burger is kind of one note in form of texture. 

A bright green wrapped circular burger with rebel whopper in bright yellow and green font on a bright white rectangular table on a bright background

Have you tried any of these? What's your opinion on Veganuary? Let me know down below! 

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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | McDonalds Festive Menu 2019

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new Jamie Noms Through Christmas post. Sadly, this is the last one. I thought that, today, I would talk to you all about McDonalds Festive Menu 2019. I'm sure that you've seen the amazing Reindeer Ready adverts.

A golden M on a red background on a bright background

Chicken Deluxe 

'Two tender Chicken Selects layered with creamy Emmental cheese. Topped with a zesty tomato relish and cool mayo.' - McDonalds Website

Sadly. there were good things and bad things about this product. I'll start with the bad, and, then get into the good. The Bad thing about this burger, was, that it was pretty much two Selects, and, honestly made it feel less like a burger. Especially when the Selects have a tendency to fall out easily and then you're just eating bun and stuff. The contrast between the cool Mayo and the Relish was really nice. The Relish had a bit of a sweet vibe going on, which meant that the cool cool mayo accentuated the sweetness and made everything feel harmonious within this burger. The Cheese added a bit of Goo, which I always love, which made the burger experience that little bit more enjoyable. I'd try it again but id be careful when it comes to ensuring that the Selects stay in the actual burger...

Cheese Melt Dippers Sharebox 

'Twelve camembert dippers coated in a crispy crumb.' - McDonalds Website

I love anything that is deep fried and Cheese based. My stomach might not, but my soul and my brain definitely do. These were delicious, but, I would definitely mention that it is best to have them whilst they are still warm as they aren't as delicious when cold. I love the contrast between the smooth milky Cheese, against, the crisp outer shell of the Dipper. Crunchy and smooth, mmm. What I love more, is the, flavour contrast against the cooling milky Camembert, and, the tangy/slightly sour Tomato Dip which gives the whole thing a good amount of Zing. If I could get the Dip on its own to use on everything, then I would!

Mint Matchmaker McFlurry 

'Soft dairy ice cream swirled with Mint Matchmaker pieces and chocolate mint sauce.' McDonalds Website.

This was a weird one for me. I love Mint, but this was a sort of Mint that punched me in the face and told me that 'IT'S CHRISTMAS!' The fab part about this McFlurry was the sauce. Dark Chocolate with a subtle touch of Mint. The Chocolate stood out the most to me. I loved this because every so often, it ensured that you had a little bit of a break from the strong hit of pure Mint flavour from the Matchmakers. I loved the sort of nubbly texture that the Matchmakers provided against the smooth ice Cream. I would definitely try this again just for the Chocolate sauce alone. This McFlurry would go great with maybe a Toffee Latte/Hot Chocolate I feel.

Millionaire's Donut

An indulgent iced caramel doughnut with gooey caramel filling, topped with biscuit pieces and a dark cocoa drizzle.

I loved this, even, if on the whole I got very big Krispy Kreme vibes. The dough itself tasted like it had been home made which is an amazing thing. I love when you can tell the dough from donuts has been made and freshly fried. It just gives it an different dimension of flavour to it. The biscuit pieces added a tiny bit of crunch on top, but kind of made the whole thing messy as to eat. Sometimes, I love that, but if I was walking and eating this, which some may do to the office, then this wouldn't be such a great point to the product. The main part of the show was the ooey-gooey Caramel Filling. Rich, buttery and thick. Oh, I would pour this on anything and everything as it is that good.

Have you tried any of the McDonalds Festive Menu? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Monday, 23 December 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | Iceland Festive Menu 2019

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new Jamie Noms Through Christmas post. I thought that today, that I would talk to you about Iceland, who are infamous for their Christmas ranges.

Now, with University and everything happening lately, I've only had the time to try one savoury thing from Iceland's Seasonal Range, and, three different desserts from the Iceland Seasonal Range. There won't be any images of them as it was a while ago. I could email the PR, but, with most PR teams it takes a while due to them being busy at this time of year, and I want this post up before Christmas is over and done with.

Iceland in orange chunky font on a bright background

Festive Pie 

There is no description for this, but this is literally a Christmas Lunch in a Pie. I loved all of the different elements, I loved all of the veg, the meat, the creamy sauce, But my main big problem is that, it was kind of small... I was expecting something kind of bigger, like a sort of Quiche size, not a Pie a size of my palm really. The pastry against the smooth silky sauce was amazing. If it was any bigger than it was then I think it would have been one of the best pies I've had ever.

Black Forest Cheesecake 

If you love Black Forest things, then you will love this! The Cheesecake base was crumbly but still somewhat crispy which was a great contrast against the smooth creamy filling. The Cream Cheese was a beautiful blank canvas for the dark sour Cherries. The Chocolate cut against the sourness and rounded off the whole Dessert. I loved it and the Cherry flavour wasn't too pronounced or too sour which made it great for everyone, as, sometimes I'm not the biggest fan of Sour Cherries. A great dessert to round off any night.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake 

Sadly, you can't whack this one, but, you can definitely tap it... If you love Chocolate Orange flavoured things, then this is right up your street. The Orange flavour in this was more realistic than synthetic which I quite liked. The filling of the Cheesecake had a slight set Jelly feel to it which was unusual, but, I quite liked it. It gave me quite big Jaffa cake vibes, which, is never a bad thing in my eyes. If you like something with a fruity kick for dessert, then, definitely give this one a try!

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

This was quite simple. Passion Fruit Puree as a topping, and a Cheesecake as a base. The Passion Fruit created a Fruity and Zingy contrast against the sweet creamy Cheesecake. I loved how sort of Zingy and Sour it was as it just made you want more. It's a great to enjoy at this time of year as everything is laden with rich flavours at this time of year, and, something like this dessert would definitely cut through all of that. Give it a try and let me know what you think down below!

I hope that you've enjoyed this Jamie Noms Through Christmas post. I hope that you come back next time for another post.

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | KFC Festive Menu 2019

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new Jamie Noms Through Christmas post. I thought that today, I would tell you all about the KFC Festive box Meal that I tried from the KFC Festive Menu.

'KFC’s brand-new Festive Burger is making its Christmas debut. Packed with a succulent Original Recipe fillet, a crispy hash brown, a delicious sage and onion stuffing mayo and topped with a tangy cranberry dressing and a layer of cheese. Why suffer through a dry Turkey Sandwich?' - KFC UK Website.

A large circular light brown chicken burger with dark red cranberry sauce and white may with yellow cheese and golden brown hash brown between two golden brown bread buns in a white box on a light brown rectangular table on a bright background

The Burger 

The Burger was an intriguing new concept for myself and KFC. Turkey Sandwich, KFC style. I loved the Crispy Chicken against the sweet thick Cranberry Sauce, as its vibrant juices mixed with the sweet sauce. I also loved the Mayo, as every so often, you got a pop of creaminess which was then followed by a hit of Sage and Onion. This was great as every pop was surprising on the palette. My main problem with the Burger was that the extras weren't needed that much. The Bacon was a tad flimsy, and only really added a hint of meatiness to the burger, whereas the Hash Brown in my opinion, didn't add anything at all. This was a bit of a shame, as I love Hash Browns! The Cheese added a tiny bit of Goo, but, it didn't contain that much Goo to the point that you could notice it so it seemed a bit pointless having it within the Burger.


I adore the Original Recipe Chicken from KFC. It's crispy and slightly spicy, as, the batter is coated in those infamous herbs and spices. I just adore it and it went beautifully with the sweetness of the burger. There was nothing wrong with the Chicken, but, it's a staple that Ive had many times before at the well known Chicken franchise.


Sadly, the Fries/Chips, were the most lacklustre of the Box Meal. I love KFC's Fries, but, I did request Festive Fries, and they didn't taste any different than the normal fries. Honestly, these were kinda soggy and just meh overall. I think that if they had a little bit more crisp then it would have made them even better. I'm sure I only got normal fries, so, if you've tried the Festive Fries, then let me know down below!

Have you tried any of the KFC Festive Menu? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | Starbucks Festive Menu 2019

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new Jamie Noms Through Christmas post! I thought that today I would talk to you all about the Christmas items at Starbucks within the UK. As, 3 of the 4 Red Cups were the same as last year, I've decided to mainly focus on the one that was new for 2019 and a couple of food items that I tried when trying the new Red Cup.

Two cylindrical plastic cup with domed lids filled with chocolate drinks with white cream next two light golden brown treats on a white circular plate on a brown wooden table on a bright background

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate/Frappuccino

'Delicious mocha sauce is blended with ice, marshmallow syrup, topped with marshmallow flavoured whipped cream and finished with a caramalised sugar topping.' 

I loved this I liked the flavour contrast between the dark chocolate drink, and, the sweetness and charred flavour of the Toasted Marshmallow. I did wish that there was a lot more Marshmallow flavour in the drink, as it reminded me more of Chocolate Pudding, that it did Marshmallows. I did love the tiny crunch from the Caramelised Sugar that was on top of the drink! I also do think that it could be topped with some actual Toasted Marshmallows to evoke the flavours within. However, I understand why they didn't to try and ensure that they could keep it Vegan.

Twinkle & Sprinkle Salted Caramel Cupcake

'Butterscotch cupcake, caramel sauce filling, salted caramel buttercream topping.'

Okay, this was amazing! The Cupcake had a strong yet sugary Butterscotch taste to it which made the treat moreish. The sauce in the middle added great texture against the thick buttercream and the slightly crumbly Cupcake. I did wish that the Caramel Sauce was a little bit more cooked or with some salt in, as, I am a big sucker for thick flowing Salted Caramel. The buttercream was great and ended the sweet treat on a high. Sweet but not sickly.

Cran-Merry Cheesecake Muffin

'Vanilla sponge muffin with cranberries and white chocolate pieces filled with Mascarpone cheese.'

This was great. The Cream Cheese gave the Muffin a bit of a tender crumb, but, also gave the Muffin a bit of a Creamy taste. I loved the freshness of Cranberry against the sweetness of the Muffin, but, I do wish that there was a bit more flavour when it came to the Cranberries themselves. I also love the name of this one as it ties in so well with the Christmas Season. Who doesn't love a Christmas based pun?!

Have you tried any of the items from the Starbucks Festive Menu? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Spraying The Junk In Your Room | Lush New Perfumes December 2019

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post! Lush have released some new scents lately, so I thought that today I would talk to you all about them. 

Six glass rectangular bottles with white labels with American Cream, Pansy, Lord of Misrule, Ginger, Rose Jam, Junk in black font on a bright background

I think that the best way to start off and then talk about my opinion of the scent and if it reminds me of anything.

American Cream 

DRF Alcohol Perfume Water (Aqua) Glycerine Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Vanilla Absolute Clary Sage Oil Lavender Oil Benzoin Resinoid *Anise Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate Coumarin *Geraniol *Limonene *Linalool

This American Cream perfume is amazing. I feel like over the past year or so, the scent of AC has changed from Strawberry Milkshake to Violet. This kind of mixes both of those scents into one. It has a big hint of creamy vanilla that blends into Strawberry for me which then blends into a muted sort of Violet smell. I also tried the Solid version. This has a more Strawberry scent which then blends into Vanilla. I think that this would be great for an everyday scent or something to evoke the beginning of Summer with, as, England symbolises Strawberries and Cream with Spring-Summer and this is the epitome of that sweet dish. 


DRF Alcohol Perfume Water (Aqua) Glycerine *Limonene Bergamot Oil Orange Flower Absolute Rosemary Oil Galbanum Oil Labdanum Resinoid Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Benzyl Benzoate Butylphenyl Methylpropional *Citral Coumarin Oakmoss Extract *Farnesol *Geraniol Hexyl Cinnamal Hydroxycitronellal *Linalool

This is meant to be very similar to The Olive Branch Shower Gel. In my opinion, it's not. (If you smell it, let me know down below). It's very sweet at first and then it blends into a very spring like Floral scent. I kind of love it, but, I was surprised. I think if you like anything floral based then you will absolutely love it. 

Lord of Misrule 

DRF Alcohol Perfume Dark Sumatran Patchouli Oil Water (Aqua) Glycerine *Limonene Black Pepper Oil Vanilla Absolute *Anise Alcohol *Benzyl Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate *Citral *Coumarin *Eugenol *Farnesol *Geraniol *Linalool

Honestly, the Liquid smells exactly the same as the Shower Gel, or Bath Bomb. The Vanilla hits you and then the Patchouli instantly punches through and makes you instantly feel like its Autumn, no matter when this scent is sprayed on you. The Solid has a more punchier scent of Patchouli, as the Vanilla is more muted. 


DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Mimosa Absolute Bergamot Oil Ginger Oil Sicilian Red Mandarin Oil Geranium Oil Sandalwood Oil  Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone *Benzyl Alcohol *Benzyl Benzoate *Benzyl Salicylate *Citral Citronellol *Eugenol

I didn't think that I would love this, but oh my god I seriously do. It's Woody, Fruity and Spicy all in one go to me. The Mandarin Oil comes through first when you spray it, then the Ginger Oil and Sandalwood come through at the same time which gives you sort of a Warm scent. I think that this would be amazing for any time of the year, but, if you love scents that are warming or give you a bit of a pep then I definitely advise you to give this a go. If you like the Ginger range, then, you will love this. 

Rose Jam 

DRF Alcohol Water (Aqua) Perfume Glycerine Citronellol Geraniol Pakistani Rose Absolute Rose Oil Geranium Oil Sicilian Lemon Oil *Citral Coumarin *Eugenol *Limonene *Linalool

I love everything that is Rose Jam, to the point that I wore all the Rose Jam possible for Birthday Drinks this year, and, my friends Abbey and Michelle could smell this from a mile away. if you love the Body Spray or the Shower Gel, then, imagine that but slightly muted and softer. If you think that Rose Jam is a bit too strong, then I urge you to smell this as I think that you might like this a little bit more than the rest of the Rose Jam family. 


DRF Alcohol Perfume *Limonene Sicilian Lemon Oil Water (Aqua) Glycerine Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Green Mandarin Oil Rosemary Oil Sage Oil *Citral *Geraniol *Linalool

I have saved the best till last. This scent is amazing to me. It starts off as Blue Raspberry (imagine the sort of Blue Raspberry flavoured slushy drinks you can find in most UK based cinemas. After ra couple of mins, it turns into a sour Blackcurrant scent. I just think that its absolutely amazing! If you like anything that is fruity or sour, or like something that has similar vibes to The Comforter, then check this one out!

Have you tried any of the scents mentioned above? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

Friday, 13 December 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | Greggs Festive Menu 2019

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new Jamie Noms Through Christmas post. I thought that today I would talk to you all about, some of the new Festive releases from, Greggs. (Yes I will be admitting my love for the Festive Bake throughout this post. If you don't like them, or, haven't tried them before, then comment down below (so I can try and convert you)!

A blue rectangular box with Greggs in white bold font with found small orange squares on a bright background

Festive Bake

This may seem bias for this post, but I love Festive Bakes. Festive Bakes get me in the mood for Christmas, and, honestly they light my soul up every time that I see one or enjoy one.

The description of the Festive Bake is, 'Combining succulent pieces of Chicken Breast Pieces, Sage & Onion Stuffing, and, Sweetcure Bacon, in a creamy Sage & Cranberry Sauce. All encased in Golden Puff Pastry, with a crunchy Crumb topping.' - Greggs Website.

What I love about it is, that the succulent Chicken, Bacon, and little nuggets of Stuffing work against the creamy sauce and the crunchy topping, not only in the form of a contrast between textures (the soft meats against the smooth sauce, against the gorgeous crunchy topping), but also taste wise too.

When you take the first bite, you instantly get the hit of the soft as silk Chicken, then the crispy slightly salty Bacon, and then, a punch of the seasoned Stuffing comes through. After this, a wave of the creamy and Smooth sauce washes over your tongue like a coastal wave on a beautiful day. The creamy taste is instantly defeated by the punch of the tangy Cranberry sauce which makes your tongue slightly tingle and crave more. After the tidal waves of the mouth have calmed, the crunchy sort of herby coating and the crisp buttery Pastry hit the tongue and end the Bake on such a high note that leaves you wanting more.

Get one before they go.

Christmas Lunch Soup

The description of this one is, 'A festive soup made with smoked bacon, chicken, turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pork sausage, vegetables, herbs and spices.'

This one was a weird one but, I kind of enjoyed it. Again, you get the mixture of the meats as soon as you tasted it and then the Sausages and Stuffing, and, then the Veggies and other things. I enjoyed it and loved how the flavours were complex. I think that this is an amazing soup to start a cold winters day off with.

My main problem with this soup, was that there wasnt enough flavour. I realise that this sounds really stupid due to the meats and veggies giving some form of flavour, but I wanted more. Honestly, I wanted it to punch me in the face, just like the Festive Bake does.

I'd definitely recommend that you try this at least once this Holiday Season.

Pigs In Blankets

Everyone loves Pigs In Blankets, and oh, so do I!

Sadly, for Greggs, these weren't the best Pigs In Blankets that I've had in my lifetime. They were kind of bland and overdone for my liking. Everything was crisp and the whole point of a PIB is that you get the softness with a slight char of the Sausage and the crispiness of the Bacon. The aftertaste was a peculiar one too. It wasn't meat but instead was Black Pepper, even though, there wasn't the biggest of punch of Black Pepper when trying them.

A cylindrical white tub with a blue Greggs logo with Greggs in white font and pigs in blankets in dark bold font on a bright background

Have you tried any of the Greggs Seasonal Range? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading another Jamie Noms Through Christmas post.
Jamie x

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Jamie Noms Through Christmas | Costa Coffee Festive Menu 2019

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new post, and, welcome to the start of my little miniseries, where I'll literally be talking about Christmas Food from well known and well loved places on the high street. Today, I thought that I would start the miniseries off with the good old comforting Costa Coffee.

Black Forest Hot Chocolate

I have loved the Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa for many years now, so I was a bit shocked on when I found out that it had slightly changed this year. In the past few years, it has come with a Blackcurrant and Raspberry sauce, which has always made the drink exceptional. This year, however, Costa have decided to go for Cherry. I get that it is more original for a Black Forest based hot drink, but, I love the old version, because well familiarity. Saying that, I did love this version. I had it both to drink in and to take out. I preferred the drink in as I could probably stir it to make sure the Cherry dispersed evenly instead of just in certain spaces in the drink. The sharpness of the Cherry works quite well with the richness of the Chocolate. In fact, I would love more sharpness just to really make it contrasting. I think that this is a great option for those who like a bit of fruitless to their Hot Chocolates.

A picture of two cylindrical clear glasses with costa engraved into them filled with brown ;oxide and topped with white cream, one with red sauce and glitter on top and the other with small bits of light brown wafer on a light brown rectangular table on a bright background
A picture of the Black Forest Hot Chocolate and the Hazelnut Praline and Cream Latte

Praline and Cream Latte

Oooh I do love a good sweet nut in my creamy Latte! I love the sweetness of the Latte against the sort of toasty warmth of the nuts that are in this drink. If you love a well known Christmas Nut flavoured Coffee drink from an American based Coffee chain at this time of year, then you will love this! I do think that it could do with something textural on top maybe, but that's just my opinion. It does come with wafer pieces, but they do end up soaked by the drink really quickly. This is also available cold in the form of a Frostiino too, for when you're feeling a bit warm and flustered in the adventure pf shopping during the festive period.

irish Velvet Hot Chocolate

Okay, so this is kind of amazing, and, I get why its the main drink on Costa's Christmas Menu this year. imagine, well, Baileys but in non alcoholic form. Sweet and creamy, with a slight kick of coffee flavour infused into a hot chocolate. I could drink and bathe in this all year around. Again, I do think that it needs a tad more texture on the top. I know that I sound crazy for saying this about drinks, but, you're paying for everything when it comes to coffee shop drinks, so if im investing my money into a Festive only drink, I want it to be so good/something that hits every spot, that it makes me think about it all year round. I mean, this already does but I would be writing emails to Costa every day if it had just a tad more texture on top of the whipped cream. Maybe something crispy and to do with Irish coffee, maybe Chocolate coated Espresso Beans? Who knows!

A close up of a white circular mug filled with light brown liquid with white cream and black chocolate pieces on top in front of a black chocolate muffin with a semicircular piece of dark chocolate on top on a small white plate on a brown rectangular tray on a dark brown rectangular table on a bright background
A picture of the Irish Velvet and Cream Hot Chocolate and a Terry's Chocolate Orange Muffin

Terrys Chocolate Orange Muffin

This Muffin is brand new for 2019, and, it is amazing. Sadly, you can't whack it to release its chocolate orange flavour, as that would make your sweet treat end up in a squidgy mess on the floor. The muffin is made up of a thick Chocolate Orange segment, which is sat on top of some thick Chocolate frosting, which is on top of a Chocolate Orange muffin which contains pieces of Terry's Chocolate Orange and a Chocolate-y Orange based goo in the middle. The bits of Chocolate Orange and the decorative segment on the top, make for such a textural contrast between the free flowing goo, the crumbly sweet muffin itself, and, the thick even sweeter frosting. As there is a fair amount of sweet going on, in terms of taste, it means that I love the Orange kick even more than I would normally as it just stops it from all being too sickly. Terry's Chocolate Orange as a whole makes me think of Christmas, especially the Popping Candy ones, that you can only get at Christmas time in pouch form.

Have you tried any of the above from the Costa Festive 2019 Menu? Have you tried any of the other products that I haven't mentioned, such as the Christmas Tea, or any of the food? Would you like me to try any of the other items within this menu? Let me know down below! 

Check out Costa Coffee to see what else is on their menu, including their Dairy Alternatives, which are all free this Festive period!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x